Truth is, no matter what age we are in, we love our hair and we want it to shine with health. The femininity in us wants the long, thick, smooth and shiny hair. For the young ones growing out hair may not be that hair because you are not up against excessive falling hair like the not-so-young-ones. But hush up, we’ve got the right solution for you. Let us start with the fast and non-permanent hair extensions. This extension will give you instant volume and length while waiting for your natural hair to grow longer naturally, as we all know growing your hair takes time. It does not grow overnight, this is the main reason why most women use clip-in extensions or tape extensions while waiting for their natural hair to grow.  We at Human Hair Extensions Online highly recommend our 100% human Remy hair so that it we blend perfectly with your own. We offer the extensions in a variety of lengths and colours to suit your needs, you can check them out below:  

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HHEO-tape-hair-extensions Growing your own natural hair is not easy as it sounds. You will be hampered by factors like falling hair, dandruff, split ends and other common hair problems. So it is paramount to have the hair healthy to get them to grow faster. With a lot of  environmental factors plus the lifestyle we have today it is no wonder  our hair is not healthy. You  tend to use more over the counter hair products that is chemically laden which instead of improving your hair will in fact cause it to have problems. How can you avoid all this? Let us include some of the best practices to ensure the health of your hair is at its peak. natural-black-hair Here are a few holistic  remedies at home that are effective and safe and will help you achieve longer hair naturally: Onion Juice Do you know that onions are not only used for cooking? It is a very effective hair grower too. You will just be needing two bulbs and extract the juice using the machine or manually. The extracted juice is then applied onto the hair and allow 15 minutes to work its magic. It can smell a bit strong, but you can rinse the it off thoroughly after  15 minutes with a mild shampoo. This sulphur rich veg can boost the hair production. Do this once a week. Apple Cider The Apple cider hair wash has been a popular practice to imbibe a healthy hair. Just mix a liter of water to 75ml of ACV. Just wash your hair like you regularly do and make the ACV solution your final rinse. Egg mask Yes, the egg does awesome things to your hair. Some of the elements that are found  are sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous, iodine and  the most important is its high-protein content which is responsible for hair growth. Make a concoction with 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon honey. Saturate your hair wee with this concoction for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. Potato juice Who would ever thought potato are not only good for fries, but an excellent hair grower too. Surprisingly, potatoes contain vitamins C, A and B that are needed to maintain strong and healthy hair. For the record, they are used to treat alopecia and thinning hair. Just extract the juice and leave it on the hair for 15 minutes before rinsing them out well. Cayenne pepper A teaspoon of cayenne pepper  mixed with 2 teaspoons of olive oil will work wonders for your hair. This will stimulate healthy hair growth and at the same time prevents hair falling. All you need to do is apply this to your hair and let it stay for 10 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water. No shampoo necessary. Green tea Simply apply green tea while it’s warm to open up  the pores, thus, antioxidants can be absorbed better. Leave this on your hair for an hour before rinsing it off with a cold water. The antioxidants do an amazing job in boosting hair growth  and avoid hair loss. Start now! Do this easy and smart way to a longer, healthier hair locks!