Do you know your hair type and the best shampoo for you? Most of us may not know our hair type. This is the primary reason why our shampoo does not work well with our hair. But let that be a thing of the past, get to know your hair type.

Knowing your hair type would mean good things for your hair. You will know what hair products to use for your hair to bring out the best. You will also know what type of hair extensions to use be it Nano hair extensions or tape in extensions depends entirely on the type of your hair. In this article you will know your hair type and what shampoo you should be using to get the most benefit.

There are so many different kinds of shampoo in the market that just make you confused on which ones to buy. And most often than not we buy shampoos on sale, just because they are cheaper—not knowing that they may harm our mane.

Don’t pick out shampoos for the wrong reasons not even if it’s organic, if it is not right for your hair then it’s does not do any good for you no matter how much the shampoo promises to do. You have to have the right hair type to begin with otherwise it would be of no use.

For Platinum Blonde or Silver Haired Ladies

You can have a brassy orange tone to your hair if you are using any regular shampoo. Purple shampoo is the best choice to combat this reaction. Use the purple shampoo once a week just to maintain it’s rich blonde tone.

For Black-American haired lass

This type of hair needs moisture and protein but not too much though. A sulphate-free shampoo should be sufficient enough. Pick shampoos that contain natural oils like coconut oil or grapeseed which is good for this hair type.

For Coloured or Damaged Hair

Now there are a lot of shampoos that specifically target this type of hair. Choose shampoo that is all natural or organic that contains nourishing oils as this is your top priority, providing extra moisture. It would also be best not to over wash your hair to prevent excessive dryness. Conditioning your tresses every wash is also a must.

For Extra Long Hair

Extra-long hair has the tendency to look lanky and unattractive. To tackle limp hair chooses a silicon-free shampoo as silicone weigh your locks down because it coats each strand making it heavier. More hair means more shampoo and conditioner.

For Curly or Wavy Hair

Curly or wavy hair is wonderful, but can mean extra work as it needs to be tamed most of the times. A shampoo that has glycerine and jojoba oil would be perfect for your gorgeous locks. If it is coloured or damage you may have to avoid silicone containing hair products as this repel moisture and we don’t want that to happen. Our hair needs extra moisture to keep it healthy and smooth.

For Fine-Haired Gals

Fine-haired girls lack volume. Aside for hair extensions, a shampoo for this type is volumising to give your hair the body it sorely needs. Shampoo for fine hair usually contains polymers and natural ingredients are the best source like lavender and rosemary.

For Oily Hair

Greasy hair? Ain’t that grossly unappealing? Oily hair is usually caused by highly active oil glands or due to product build up. A clarifying shampoo with sulphates will be perfect for this type as it thoroughly cleanse you hair including all hair products residue. Taking into note that the lesser ingredients the less likely it is to leave any residue.

Find the right shampoo for your hair type and stick to it.