Of all the human hair extensions, clip-in extensions are one of the most favourite methods that most women go for, because it is easy and quick to install-no need to set a salon appointment. Aside from the convenience and ease of installation, clip-ins are generally cheaper than other hair extension type out there.

But those are things already known to many. In this article we will walk you through the Must Know About Clip-In Extensions and hopefully shed some light on some matters that remain confusing for some, especially those new to wearing extensions.

What’s the Best Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Above all factors, the most critical consideration in this matter is the kind of hair used for the hair extensions. Those made of 100% human hair are becoming more popular than other types as Remy human hair is known for its high-grade quality and also its wide variety of hair colours. It also offers a wide range of lengths so you can easily choose the most suitable length to meet your needs.

Some Clip-In Hair Extensions Brisbane brands also offer human hair extensions that come in different textures like wavy, curly and straight.

Therefore, there is no need for you to spend lots of time searching the web for the best clip-in. All you gotta do is identify which ones are made of Remy human hair and if they offer the colour, texture and length you need.

How to Use Clip-In Extensions?

As the name suggests, clip-in extensions are hair extensions that are being clipped on to the hair. It comes with clips or snaps that were meticulously sewn on the top of the hair bundle. Clip-ins generally are easy to wear and remove, and perfectly matches your hair without any long term commitment, no adhesive chemicals used, no pain and no damage to your hair. No need to book an appointment at the salon to have these clips installed. You can do it on your own at home and in under a few minutes! Owning an instantly fuller-looking hair has never been made easier since clip in hair extensions.

‘How to Care for Clip-In Extensions?

HHEO Clip In Hair Extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, so it also requires to care the same way as you would with your natural hair. When it comes to washing, you do not need to do this every day or every other day as you would with your natural hair. Washing it once a week or once every two weeks should be fine. However, don’t get too excited about washing it. Make sure that you comb the extensions first to get rid of knots and tangles before wetting them.

Now with washing, make sure that you are using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid stripping the hair extensions’ natural oil or coating. Make sure that the hair extensions are fully dry before combing it to avoid possible hair pulling or shedding. Letting it air dry is recommended over using a hairdryer or blow dryer as it can cause the hair to become weak and prone to breakage.

How Long Do Clip-In Extensions Last?

Of course, prior to investing your money on hair extensions, you may wonder about the quality of the product, how long is it gonna last you and so on. This is nothing new, especially if this is your first time shopping for clip-in extensions. 

With proper care and maintenance, a human hair clip in extensions can last up to a year or more. The frequency of how often you use the extensions can also contribute to how long it is going to last you. If you opt for low-grade hair extensions, expect that it will only last you more or less, 5 months.

With pure human hair, all cuticles run the same direction which ensures you with silky smooth hair and zero tangles.

How Much Do Clip-In Extensions Cost?

Okay, let’s admit it. Prices always influence our purchasing decision in almost any products and services. And that is okay! We all have other obligations where we need to put our hard-earned money on and being critical about the amount of money spent on products is expected. The same principle applies to purchasing hair extensions. We often think that high-quality products will often cost us more bucks since the high price equates to high-quality. We think that the more money we spend, the better the quality we get. But is there any truth to this? Sorry, we hate to break it to you, but YES! Absolutely true.

However, we also have to be mindful about which stores or brands w=do we spend our hard-earned money on. Sometimes, even if you feel like you are spending lots of money on products and assume that you are getting the best product out there if you are shopping from the wrong seller or brand, chances are, this purchase may end up as a loss for you.

Generally, good quality pure human hair clip-in extensions can cost you somewhere $150 to $300 dollars and may go higher depending on the length and thickness you are after. 

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Clip-In Hair Extensions?

If you are looking for a trustworthy, affordable yet quality Remy human hair extensions, HHEO Hair Extensions is the brand for you. Hair Extensions Industry has boomed dramatically since it was invented and the internet alone is flooded with oceans of brand options which can cause you more confusion and increase your chances of ending up with the wrong supplier.

It is okay to be meticulous with your decision making and be stringent on your research. Check out our actual customer feedback online, our website and social media platforms. If you also have any questions or need help in colour matching your hair, simply shoot us an email at info@hheo.com.au.