There are many different sizes for tape in hair extensions on the global market. I’ve seen tape extensions as wide as 12 centimeters wide which really is not a good option. You’ll find if you do purchase 12cm wide tape extensions you will end up cutting them in probably quarters so you can install them in smaller bits.

I’ve seen 8 centimeters wide pieces it’s the same go. Some people will install on this wide but it’s not going to be uncomfortable for your client. It’s going to pull out hair and it’s going to be harder to remove. The perfect tape extensions weft size is 4 centimeters, it’s a great size it’s good for quick application and quicker removal.

If you do want smaller pieces you can cut the tape weft in half for areas around the ears or near the the fringe, then there is a newer method called micro tape extensions. This method is pieces of up to 2 cm wide and they actually are folded in half so you have 1 cm wide tape pieces all throughout your head. The pieces are smaller but they really haven’t taken off to be as popular as the 4cm size as they’re much longer to install it takes longer to take them out because there are 70 more pieces to achieve a full head. There are just quite fiddly. There are some hair extensions brands who will only stock micro tape extensions. I guess it all boils down to a personal preference whether you would prefer to have about 80 to 100 small pieces in your hair or if you rather just have 40 pieces in your hair.

Micro tape hair extensions are the same as the other tape extensions they can come in various different colours from your blacks, browns, blondes, your copper, auburns, your mixed colours, your two-tones, your bayalage, ombre, bright fashion colours – Click here to view our colour range. They also can come with good quality and low quality tape adhesive at the top. For good quality you want to look for the blue American tape. There is low quality white Chinese tape that will probably fall out after the first time you wash your hair so be careful with that as well. They would also be generally cheaper micro tape extensions around the $150 mark for a full head set, you should really prepare for the worst. Micro tape hair extensions are used by salons and also mobile hair extensionist. You can purchase them online, from hair salon, from brands, online shopping stores like eBay either way just look for price, reviews to ensure that you will be receiving good quality.

Micro tape extensions can also comes in different hair grades. Hair comes from different continents like China, Asia, Europe, Russia, and Brazil most commonly from China as there is a lot more people, a lot more warehouses and the price is very competitive. If you’d like any more information regarding this topic please don’t hesitate to email our customer service at info@humanhairextensionsonline.com.au