Hate sticky stuffs on your hair? You’re on the right track, micro loop hair extensions is the right one for you. It is easy to install and requires no heat or glue which can be poisonous and at the same time may cause allergic reactions and could result to hair loss. This techniques is undetectable, reusable, light weight and flexible.

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Have been thinking of getting extensions, more specifically micro loop hair extensions? You must be curious on how it is done or if this is the right hair extension for you. Don’t worry all the questions you might have will be answered as we go along. We will cover everything about this method.

micro loop hair extensions

It should not be a surprise to know that thequickest way to change hairstyle from short to long hair in just a few hours is hair extensions. Celebrities and street fashionista alike are a sure proof that it has become an unstoppable rage. Everyone want to get those luscious locks and more techniques have been introduced.

Micro rings or loops hair extensions is one of the most recent methods that is being introduce to the market and has become very popular because of several reasons. That reason being …

First, is they are safe on your hair. It does not cause pressure nor stress the hair. And because you don’t need heat or glue it does not harm the hair in anyway. Avoid risking your hair, try this method if you want a safe way to install extensions.

Second is unlike weaving or braiding this technique works perfectly for both fine and short hair. In fact it can be applied to hair that is 1 or 2 inches long. It can still look natural and blend well with your hair. If you have fine hair, you don’t have anything to worry about as it light so it won’t stress your hair.

Another reason is they are absolutely discreet. No one will even notice you have hair extensions on as it is closely attach so near your scalp. The micro rings are so tiny it is so hard for someone to spot it even up close.

Can you do it at home? Yes you can. Micro rings are super easy to put on the hair. If you watch yout ube videos there are literally a quite a number of videos which teaches you how to properly install the extensions all you need is the special pliers and the micro rings and you’ll have it up in no time.

The extensions are removeable and reusable so you can use it several times as long as you have taken care of it properly. Micro loop are so easy to take out as all you have to do is squeeze the ring to release the hair and repositioning it closer to the scalp as hair grows is easy too. Just move the ring closer to the scalp and tighten it.

So have I given you enough reason to get micro loop hair extensions?