#02 Dark Brown

Being a woman I know how hard it is to grow your hair to 20 inches or longer. Aside from waiting for it to grow forever, you have to fight off the hair hazards like dryness, split ends and matting. Growing long locks can be tedious tiresome hard work. However, there is an easy way to get the look and that is the miracle of #02 Dark Brown Micro Bead Hair Extensions. Whether it’s adding length or thickness with extensions it’s always exciting. We have the biggest colour selection to choose from, just browse through our website to view the range. Get the right set for the right price!


#04 Medium Brown

Lustrous hair is a must. Who would like dull, lifeless hair? Nobody would turn their heads for such boring hair. Re-create your look by getting the hair you deserve. Our #04 Medium Brown Micro Bead Extensions may be just what you’re looking for. Guys love girls with an element of mystery to them. One way of achieving this is by keeping the excitement going, never let them guess what you’re up to next… acquiring a wide array of hair styles for your I-Tip hair extensions is just one of those ways to do that. Whether it’s sexy or sporty, get them to fantasies about you with your new long hair.


#08 Chestnut Brown

Be captivating this season with beaded hair extensions…With our #08 Chestnut Brown I-Tip Hair Extension you’ll have the confidence knowing your healthy hair will not be a total wreck in a few months. Among all hair extension techniques, this type last up to six months depending on how fast your hair grows and how well they are maintained. So proper up keep is a must, to do this listen to your stylist for after care instructions. When it comes to purchasing hair, you get what you pay for since we give you highest quality 100% Remy human hair. Enjoy shopping for the right hair extensions and reap the benefits.


#12 Light Brown

Seriously enhance our look with #12 Light Brown beaded Hair Extensions. There a several techniques in applying this method, some salons will use beads whilst others will glue them in. For a stunning look, these extensions are an excellent choice. Discreet and hardly noticeable are a few attributes of this type. Thanks to 100% Remy hair we can make it last much longer with proper care. And that’s not all we can iron, curl, colour, and style them like our own hair which is the exact opposite to synthetic hair. Now the question is …when are you getting that breathtaking lock of hair?


#16 Ash Blonde

Let your personality should shine through! In choosing the right hair extension set, your character should be evident in your style otherwise you will be lost beneath it. With the different hairstyles available in hair extensions now it is impossible for you not to get the look you desire. It is difficult to be confident if you are not comfortable with your own looks. With our #16 Ash Blonde Bead Hair Extensions you will not only feel great but also have a new level of confidence! Become the life of the party, long hair will definitely keep you satisfied. Here at HHEO there is nothing more rewarding than making others feels beautiful.