Young vs Old

True, it takes a little more effort every year to maintain our bodies, much more our youthful looks—and that includes our hair. Whether you like it or not, there will be frequent visits to the doctor, the pharmacy and salon. Human as we are, it is a normal process to have grey, thinning hair as we age.

This could be the reason why women in their fifties decide to wear their hair shorter, but cutting it short is not the answer. Usually, older women think that it would be inappropriate to keep the long locks when the stringiness of each strand is so obvious.

Seems like more and more celebrities over fifty opt to chop off their locks for a mid-length hair but most professional hairdresser says it’s a big mistake. Two to three inches below shoulder line is impeccably attractive.

In fact a great number of older women shared their photos on Facebook showing off their sprightly tresses. This has encouraged others to be bold and go long. The best way to get back that long hair is with Micro Bead Hair Extensions.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with pulling off a pixie we can’t help but admire Christie Brinkley and Demi Moore who have proven that long hair is possible at any age.

To keep you inspired to grow back your hair, have the audacity to follow the footsteps of fabulous post-50 celebrities who showed beyond doubt that long tresses can rock at any age.

Julianne Moore, 57 looks gorgeous with her long straight hair even at her age.

Demi Moore, 51 has always been stunning with her middle part and dark locks.

Rita Wilson, 57 appears striking with her trendy ombre highlights framing her face in loose waves.

Of course, Christie Brinkley, 60 is absolutely divine in her clip in hair extensions which she proudly admits has helped her feel luxurious.

Oprah Winfrey at 60 manages to keep her hair long despite temptation in chopping it off to give way to a trendier pixie.

Kim Basinger. 60 who can ever tell that this blonde bombshell has so many insecurities? But here she is proving that age is not an obstacle in getting long beautiful hair.

Barbra Streisand has experimented with a lot of hair style from short to long and now that she’s 71 she still look ravishing with her long strands.

Another looker here, Faye Dunaway at 73 she is still chic and sleek as ever and manages to tame her mane without difficulty.

Finally, Raquel Welch, 73 is a big fan of wigs which lead to her building her own brand and which she also happens to love wearing.

If you relished looking great at any age check our Micro Bead Hair Extensions, you might just want to try them.