Before, women had to cut their hair, wait for months to even years to grow it back. We know it’s an arduous task if you think about it, but that’s what women had to deal with in the past. Fortunately, with the advancement in today’s hair industry, hair extensions were born, and no woman had to wait for months to grow a new inch of hair. With human hair extensions, you can achieve longer and thicker hair without waiting or using hair growers that may cause hair problems later on. On top of that, 100% Remy human hair extensions can be styled using regular hair styling tools and products just as you would with your real hair.

We know that wearing your clip-in extensions or any human hair tape extensions can be so addicting as it gives you a natural look and feel. Of course, just like any product, over time, it has wear and tear. When that time comes, there’s no need for you to worry. We will guide you through a step-by-step guide on how to Manage Your Damaged Hair Extensions easily!


Despite being the highest grade of human hair extensions, Remy human hair is still susceptible to damage without proper care. Here are the two most common factors that cause damage to human hair extensions.

  • WRONG HAIR PRODUCTS: Regular shampoo and conditioner contain sulphate, a cleaning agent found in most cleaning products. Sulphate strips off the hair strand’s natural oil and can make your hair prone to breakage or shedding with prolonged use. Choose sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for hair extensions.
  • IMPROPER HAIRSTYLING: Although Remy hair extensions can be styled with your regular curling wand or flat iron, excessive heat can still cause damage to your hair and hair extensions. Of course, styling the hair is inevitable; we highly recommend using heat protectant spray before applying heat. You can also use the cold setting of your blower or low heat setting when curling or straightening your hair.


  1. DEEP CONDITIONING. This will help maintain your hair extensions’ softness and keep your hair in excellent condition for a longer time. If you are using tape-in extensions, be sure to avoid applying deep conditioner near the spots where the extensions attach to your real hair as this can loosen the bond. We highly recommend going for hot oil treatment.
  2. LOW HEAT. As mentioned above, heat can cause damage to your hair and hair extensions. Always consider using low heat when styling and use heat protectant spray before styling with heat.
  3. DETANGLE. Hair extensions, like our natural hair, can tangle, so it’s an excellent idea to use a detangling comb or detangler daily and carry a soft-bristle brush with you so you can comb through your hair any time of the day.
  4. GO SULPHATE-FREE. Invest in good shampoo and conditioners that do not contain sulfate.
  5. BRAID.BRAID. BRAID. Before bedtime, braid your hair to help keep it stay soft and also sleep on silk pillowcases or with a silk scarf to help protect your hair from rubbing against rigid texture sheets while you sleep through the night.

So if you are troubled with damaged hair extensions and have no clue what to do, follow the above tips and see how your hair extensions improve in no time.