Yes you can still have healthy hair.  While it may be a bit difficult it is not impossible. The following details may really change your mind about hair extensions.

Now, let us divide the issue of hair care into two major parts to make it easier to follow.

Part One – Where your hair is prepared for the oncoming hair extension installation.

Your hair should be in good condition before you get hair extensions, hair which has a weak foundation currently will naturally make it easy to fall out with the added weight of extensions.

To ensure healthy hair, I have come up with some simple guidelines:

  • Eat well – Make fresh fruits, vegies and fish oil part of your daily diet
  • Develop a good routine – Keeping the hair clean with regular washes and conditioning will avoid a lot of issues
  • Moisturise – Use moisturising shampoo if your hair is dry and a get hot oil treatment every week if possible
  • Hydrate – Drinking lots of water will be very beneficial for both the hair and skin
  • Maintain – Trimming your hair every 2 to 3 months will not only help increase the length faster but also improve hair strands.

When detangling your hair it is best to use your hands followed by a wide-tooth comb. Your hair should feel strong and supple and won’t look all dry and brittle.

Through good hair practice your hair should be ready to accommodate hair extensions without any mishap unless it is improperly applied.

Nevertheless, this too can be avoided if you choose a professional hairstylist, which I am sure you have one in your area.

Part Two – Maintaining your hair’s health when wearing extensions

All preparation will be have been done in vain unless the appropriate level of aftercare is carried out. The life span of the hair extensions depends on how well you maintain it.

The health of your hair is a delicate balance at this stage as you are taking care of two types of hair now, your own and that of the extensions.

Here are some simple suggestions

  • When wearing extensions use shampoo and conditioner specifically for this particular application. It would be best to follow it religiously as it was made for this purpose.
  • There is an alternative and affordable way of cleaning your scalp without getting your hair wet. Using baby wipes or a damp cotton pad, gently scrub your scalp to remove dirt and grease. It may not totally clean your hair but the scalp would definitely benefit from this as it stimulates healthy hair growth.