The bun is a classic hairstyle that’s perfect for a wide range of activities such as household chores and date night. But not all buns will have the same effect on you. Depending on a number of factors, the perfect bun for whatever you’ll be doing that day or night might be different from what fashion magazines and blogs recommend. Fortunately, by constantly taking the time to experiment on your looks and trying on a number of products from Human Hair Extensions Online, you will eventually know the type of bun that’s perfect for an upcoming activity.

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While you can do everything to remember the kind of bun that’s perfect for that one activity you will be doing, you are better off remembering just one bun that’s just perfect for any occasion. Highlighted below are the first two options that are perfect for every occasion, and instructions on how to create them properly.

The Messy Bun
* Prepare your hair (and the lush hair extensions) by brushing it to remove tangles and knots. Once you have done this, you can consider parting your hair or pulling all the strands from front to back.

* Pull hair strands back. Grab every strand beginning at the front, making sure to collect each strand in one hand and holding these strands at the spot where you want your bun to be. For a sophisticated look, pull hair up high, particularly near the top. If you want something that looks more professional, draw hair to the middle of the back part of the head. Pull hair closer to your nape if you want to sport a more carefree appearance.

You want a messy look, so avoid brushing hair or running hands through the strands as they are drawn back. Also, be sure to pick up all loose strands.

* Wrap the pony around the handful. Get an elastic band. Wrap this around the hair three times for a secure fit. At the third wrap, instead of pulling all strands through, leave half of the hair hanging to serve as the tail. The remaining part of the hair should create a loop at the upper section of the pony.

* Make the messy bun. By now, your hair should be in a big loop, with a tail sticking out of the bottom. Get the tail, making sure that it is wrapped around the ponytail base and covering the band. Use two or three bobby pins to set the tail. Part the loop at the middle, pull both sides to the scalp, and set the pin.

* Finishing touches. Apply hair spray to the bun so it lasts longer on you. Any hair accessories can be added at this point.

The Topknot
* Prepare the hair (and the lush hair extensions) by combing or brushing the hair to remove all tangles and knots. Since the topknot does not require a part, the hair can be brushed straight back, or you can pull back hair to achieve a messy appearance.

* Pull hair high. Gather strands from front to back, then move them all to the top of the head. Be sure to leave no strand behind.

* Form the knot. Do this by twisting hair in one direction to create a rope-like texture. Then wrap the hair around itself to create the spiral.

* Add the ponytail. Wrap this ponytail around the knot you just made. When you do this, make sure the elastic will not get entangled on strands at the top or middle of the bun, but stays flat at the base of the bun.

* Finish the look. Since the bun sits at the top part of your head, you may find random strands at the nape. Use a clip to pin these, then apply hairspray. Accessories can be added at this point.