Regular shampooing may be one of the best ways to remove any dirt that has accumulated on your head, but this benefit does not come without a cost–the removal of natural oils on the strands. When this happens, strands become vulnerable.

Fortunately, regular conditioner alone can sort this problem out and make the strands ready for any Human Hair Extensions Online products you want to have installed among them. There also are other options available for you to choose from: leave-in and deep conditioners. Unlike regular conditioners, which should be applied to your head like you would with shampoo, there are different steps to follow when applying both leave-in and deep conditioners. These steps are mentioned below:

Applying Leave-In Conditioner Properly
* Select a leave-on conditioner that’s best suited for the texture of your strands. Generally, there are two different styles of leave-on conditioner: spray-on and cream. While the former is great for straight and thin hair, the latter is best used on curly, thick, or long locks.

* Clean the strands like you would on a normal day, but instead of reaching for the handheld dryer, just towel-dry the strands until they are just damp.

* Put a tiny amount of serum on your palm. The preferred amount of conditioner to apply for medium-length locks of the usual thickness is a pea-sized amount, but add more if it’s really necessary.

* It’s time to rub conditioner to strands. Start by rubbing hands together so that the product is thinned out a little. Once you have done this, make sure to run the product through the ends of the strands. As with the regular conditioner, make sure to avoid getting the product close to the scalp; the product should only be on damaged sections of strands.

* Comb the strands. A wide-toothed comb should be used to brush the strands after the application of the product. This way, the product spreads out evenly and does not clump at certain areas.

Applying Deep Conditioner Properly
* Find and purchase a deep conditioner to use. There is basically only one type of deep conditioner offered by many different brands, so just choose according to your budget and according to the brand you trust the most.

* Wet the strands. Rinse the strands with cool water. There is no need to shampoo the strands, but you can do this too.

* Apply deep conditioner. With your hands, scoop out conditioner from the container, and coat your head with it. When applying the product, it’s a must that you focus on the ends of the strands, although you may spread the product to the roots.

* Let the product set, following manufacturer instructions, such as putting a shower cap on your head and letting it stay for a maximum of thirty minutes so it works its magic. To gain more benefits from the use of this product, get the handheld dryer. Set it to warm, then use it to heat your head as the conditioner sets.

* Using cold water, wash the product off the strands. Once the conditioner has been washed off, you can then have long hair extensions from Adelaide installed among your locks by a stylist.