Hair done big and curly is a classic look for women that’s difficult to pull off. While a curling iron is a good tool to use to create curls, their use can give you arm cramps. Not only that, the curls that they create have a tendency of falling limp quickly.

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Fortunately, those plastic rollers which your grannies have most likely used often to create curls are still available in the market. When used correctly on your locks and the Human Hair Extensions Online products that are installed among them, you can expect locks that’s done curly, done big, and done well.

Creating Curls Using Wet-Set Rollers: The Steps
* Select the rollers to use. There are many different wet-set rollers available in the market today. Velcro or mesh rollers are the least difficult to roll, but will snag in naturally curly and thick hair. Another type of easy-to-roll rollers are foam rollers, but due to their being spongy, they don’t dry right away.

Want to create well-defined curls? Consider the use of smooth magnetic clips, which hold tightly. Just prepare to spend a good sum of time rolling them, as they are the most difficult to roll.

* Wash and condition locks. Since your locks will be drying under intense tension, it helps to use high-quality moisturising shampoo and conditioner prior to wet-setting hair. Extra moisture can be squeezed from locks while in the shower, but avoid towel-drying when doing this. Comb strands while wet.

* Partition hair to sections, specifically at the right and left temples. Three sections are needed: one on top of the head and one over every ear.

* Start rolling at the hairline. Get a section as wide as the roller. Comb this section forward, making sure it is held up and away from the head afterwards. Smooth some smoothing cream or hair gel through that section. Then wind a roller down to scalp level, making sure the rolling is done away from the face. Secure with either a clip or pin.

* Roll more sections of your hair. Smooth cream or gel through all sections, then roll curls away from face. In case you want to make small and tight curls, make sure that small rollers (placed close together) are used. For larger curls, you can use larger rollers to create them.

* Lastly, dry the curls you made. One of the most known methods of drying all the curls that you made is by letting them air-dry before you remove every single roller. Air-drying is expected to take at least several hours since it is done without a blow dryer. At most, they can take overnight. As such, you may need to use soft rollers, which are considered more comfortable alternatives to the usual rollers.

If you want your curls to dry quickly, you should consider the use of blow dryers. If going for this option, make sure to let rollers stay for 15 more minutes. This allows the curls to settle down and for your locks and the long hair extensions among them to cool down.