fish tail braided

Fishtail braid can definitely liven up your hairstyles any day. It is an excellent way to style your mane back, yet retaining a cheeky sophisticated look simultaneously! Here are the simple steps for you to attain them.

Fishtail look great and romantic when it’s a bit loose and not too tight. To achieve the look we simply pull out few strands for a more natural messy look. So let’s start with a basic fishtail braid and go from there.


As shown in the image above, tie your hair in a ponytail and divide it by two. You extract a few strands on your right and bring it to the other side and then also do the same thing with your left side. Just repeat the same process until you reach the hair ends. Now that you know how to do the basic fishtail let us now add some style to it.

basic fish tail braid


As the name implies, bring your hair to one side before making a fishtail braid down to the ends. This can be modified or made extra special when you add hair accessories like flowerettes or stones here and there. Or if you want to add some oomph to it you can install long hair extensions to make it longer and thicker.


Now this one, instead of bringing it over to the other side, you go under to reach the other side so it would look like the photo above. You start braiding at the mid part of the back of your head until you reach the nape before tying it in a pony. Again you can add little flowers to make it more romantic.


There are two types of headband fishtail, one that starts directly at front line of the hair and braiding it until you reached the other side. End it in a small bun and pin securely. Or you could also bring it around the back of your head and pin it to where you started the braid.


Start braiding on one side and bringing it around the head and secure with a pin. Do not braid your hair tightly rather pull a few strands randomly to get a messy look. Leave a few strands at the front line to get a perfect wispy look.

fishtail braid crown down


This style look somewhat similar to the headband style the only difference is that we bring the braid around the head to form a crown but the upper half of the hair is braided the lower half is not included.


Gather a section of hair at both sides twist it and let it meet at the middle. Start braiding where both twisted hair meet until you reach the nape then include the rest of the hair to the braid tie the end with an elastic band. Finally pull out the sides of the braid to create a more natural look.

Get exciting hairstyles everyday! You can modify or change it a bit to fit your desired look. Be adventurous, anything is possible!