Did you know that, when it comes to achieving wavy locks, there is no need to use heat-emitting tools, like curling irons? If you’re sick and tired of having to fix your hair of the damage associated with ironing, here are the steps you need to follow to achieve wavy locks overnight. Bear in mind that you can do these steps even with Human Hair Extensions Online products, like tape hair extensions from Australia, on your head.

* Make sure your hair is washed and a bit damp (not wet) before you start. This step is very important. If your locks are so wet, it will not dry completely overnight. The best way to dampen towel-dry hair is to spritz it with water. You may also add a little styling cream so the resulting wave holds better.

* Make sure strands are free of tangles and parted well. When the headband is on, you will be unable to divide your locks. Also, take note that it’s generally a bad idea to part locks once the waves are made. Doing so will disrupt the resulting pattern.

* Put a thin and stretchy headband over the locks and around the head. Make sure that the headband to use isn’t more than 2.5 cm thick. Fold inward a wide headband. Alternatively, wrap durable elastic around the head, then knot it afterwards.

* Gather a number of strands from the front portion of the head. The division should not be wider than a few fingers.

* Twist away the section from the face, then tuck under your headband. Get the section up, over, and then under the headband. Slide back to the face gently so you have room for additional sections.

* Get the section up once more, this time gathering more strands. Yes, you should be adding strands to the section after every wrap around the band.

* The thicker section should then be wrapped once around your headband. When doing this, make sure that you tuck under the band. Also, make sure the hair is kept a bit loose when wrapping it. If wrapped too tight, the result will be a number of curly locks.

* Keep going until you get to the nape. Do the same with the strands on the other side of the head.

* Any remaining hair should be twisted to form a rope. Roll to create a bun, then use bobby pins to secure the bun to the back part of your head.

* Adjust the band if you need to.

When the morning comes. Remove your headband, then style your locks.

Hair Twisting
* Begin with damp hair so it’s not hard to work with.

* Part locks like how you normally part it. You should end up with a right and left section. Because you will only work one division at a time, tie the section you will not yet work so it’s out of the way.

* Take a section and begin twisting away from the face until you have something that resembles rope.

* Secure the section you twisted with an elastic band. Pull up and around the head like a headband, then secure to the rest of the hair with bobby pins.

* Repeat the above with the other section.

* Place more bobby pins if you think more of them are needed.

* Once morning comes, unravel your hair, which should already be wavy.