There are a lot of things you could do with light brown hair extensions. You can play it a little softer by mixing high and low lights. If you’re a brunette, you add some excitement by adding a few strands off your regular shade to create a unique bayalage. Whatever you decide and however you want it; know that here at Human Hair Extensions Online, we only provide the highest quality hair in the market. We have 17 shades to choose from our clip in hair extensions and 3 lengths consisting 20, 22 and the 24 inch. They are super easy to install and remove. They are absolutely low maintenance; and best of all we deliver them right at your doorsteps for FREE.

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If you think only blondes have the fun, think again, breezy brunnettes have gorgeous colours that can take your breath away. There are literally thousands of images on Pinterest about light brown hair that you just can’t help but fall in love, you’ll never think if any other hue again.

Ash light brown

This mixture of Ash Blonde and light brown is full of innocence and boldness all at once. The exciting mix certainly add spice to this appearance.

light brown and pink


Light brown with a hint of pink

Be lured with this catchy shade of light brown hair extensions with a touch of mere pink, subtle enough to to make you standout in the crowd whether it’s daytime or an evening affair.

light brown bayalage

Light brown bayalage

This fushion of hues can enhance your looks. The different tones blending in harmonious blast of colours brings forth the sultriness in you.


Choco light brown twist

You can try to add apricot highlights to your light brown hair extensions to add warmth. While the choco lowlights tones both shade making it blend together that brings out the sexiness in you.

unique light-Brown-Hair-with-Natural-Highlights

Light brown with highlights

Make your face appear softer by adding just the right highlights maybe 2 to 3 shades lighter would certainly make it dazzling.

light brown with high and low lights

Light brown with high and lowlights

Give life to your hair by placing high and low lights. Whether you want to revive your dull hair or you fancy a change of colour you can’t go wrong with highlights and lowlights.

warm caramel

Warm caramel

Blending caramel into your light brown hair will result to subtler look compared to adding orange and reds.



Light brown with golden highlights

Incorporating blonde pieces all over your hair to get this gorgeous looks is utterless and simply seductive. A light brown hair extensions in clip in is a perfect solution.

If you’re the type of person who is both fearful and brave at the same time you are more likely to do great things. So be a stunning brunnette with light brown hair extensions!