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The cuticle is the outer part of the hair that covers and protects the hair and this cuticle is arranged in such a way that the cell formations look like tiles on a roof.

Now the condition of the hair cuticle determines how hair looks whether it’s frizzy, smooth and shiny.

Smooth hair has cuticles that are in good shape, unbroken and flat. Cuticles have to stay tightly knit together for it to appear shiny because in this condition they can reflect light easiest.

Every time we apply shampoo to our hair the cuticle opens up which will cause the hair to feel rough, coarse and brittle. So the hair in this condition tends to absorb light rather than reflect it thus giving lifeless and dull hair.

Who wants lifeless hair? Nobody. So this is where apple cider vinegar comes in…this miracle worker will rescue our hair from disaster.

How does the vinegar work? Apple cider would cleanse your hair from all build ups and residue attained from all those chemical-laden products you have been using.

Once all remnants are removed, the cuticle then closes and returns back to its original position where its shafts are tightly knit together.

Your hair will just glide and will be tangled-free. It will restore your hair’s natural shine.

Also, the fact that vinegar has a tonic action that enhances blood circulation means that it’s going to be making the hair looking more alive than ever.

Any vinegar should work out fine but apple cider has become quite popular among hair experts.

Making a vinegar rinse would of course depend on the status of your hair. But dilution guide should be mixing between ¼cup and 1 cup Vinegar to 16 ounces of water, now just go for more ACV if you have an oily hair and the opposite for dry hair.

After applying the vinegar rinse, massage the hair and let it sit before you thoroughly rinse again. You may opt to wash off all the vinegar rinse or leave it on to prevent tangles on your long mane.

You don’t have to worry about the drying effects of hair since vinegar restores natural PH so itchy scalp should be history.

And the smell will definitely not stay once your hair dries out.

You can apply the rinse twice a week or it could depend on your hair condition. Just be open for experimentation until you will find what could be appropriate for you.

To spice up your rinse you can always try adding essential oils to add more scent to it.

Be adventurous enough to explore what work best for you!