The major problem about wearing a lace wig is to keep them in place and not slip back a couple of  inches. Experiencing this kind of malfunction can be disquieting when you thought they were staring at your beautiful hair when in fact they are aghast by the sight of your hairline showing. If you are not ready to gamble the thought, we have another solution for you. Go for hair extension instead as they are less noticeable and can be easily hidden from anyone’s view. Human Hair Extensions Online sell the best quality human hair extensions in the hair industry today. You can check our clip-in  and tape hair extensions which are both popular in the market.

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Lets face it, wearing a lace wig is not easy as 1 2 3 it can be pretty difficult  especially if this is your first time.  The most important tip that you need to remember to be successful in applying the wig  is proper preparation.  With a the right knowledge and tools you can enjoy wearing it and avoid mishap. So in this article, it is our pride  to share simple tips to make you a pro at lace wig application.

lace wig for woman

To start, we need to gather all the tools required  to apply the unit. To make it more organized, a tool kit to keep all the things you need in one container. Keep in mind that you need to have extra adhesives on hand as you cannot easily go out to buy one when you run out of stock. Here is the list of tools you will be needing:

Your preferred adhesive or tape
Razor or clippers (to shave off stray hairs for better hold)
Flesh colored wig cap to camouflage the lace and create an illusion of the scalp
To protect your skin from allergies, use a scalp protector to protect the scalp and at the same time enhance the bond between the wig and scalp.
A tailed comb to be used to tuck in stray hairs.
Rubbing alcohol to remove oily areas to make the wig stick more.
Adhesive remover to remove the glue from your skin.

Step 1
Cut all the excess lace at the sides all around the hair and be careful not to include those baby hairs as this can help it make it look more natural.

Step 2
Prepare your hair by making  your own hair as flat as possible. A gel is applied for short hair and braided is recommended for longer hair.

Step 3
Clean the hairline area with alcohol to ensure that the area is clean and not oily as this can hamper wig adherence.

Step 4
Now it’s time to shave off those baby hairs at the hairline area to be ready for the wig application. Just make sure that you only shave the hairs that are visible to the hairline.

Step 5
Application of scalp protector to the hairline area is necessary since this is where the adhesive is to be applied before installing the wig.

Step 6
Place the tape all over your hairline where the wig will be positioned. Using the combination of both tape and adhesive can give you the longest and strongest bond. Spread thin coats of adhesives to your front hairline touching both your skin and the tape.

Step 7

Allow the adhesives to air dry before positioning the wig on your head. Just keep in mind to tie your hair into a pony if it is longer to avoid hair from sticking to areas where the wig should be positioned.

Step 8

It’s clean up time. Using the tailed comb press the lace down to the glue or tape to hold it in place. Slowly work around the hairline from the front to the sides until  it is properly positioned before you go work on the back portion of the wig. To secure the back portion, you must roll up  the wig, get the tape backing  and apply  adhesive.  Again, let it dry  before rolling down the unit and press down to secure it in place.