Wondering what keratin hair extensions are all about? It’s a kind of hair extensions that uses keratin protein bond to attach the hair to the scalp with the use of hot hair extension iron tool that melts the keratin and allow the extensions to attach firmly to your natural hair. Although it’s not nearly as popular as tape-in or clip in hair extensions it has its advantages too.

Take time to browse through our tape-in hair extensions and you might be tempted to get one:


Or try a clip-in extensions if you are not so into a more permanent one:

Keratin bond extensions are perfect for those who are more inclined to outdoor activities since the method used is strong enough to hold strenuous exercise and they don’t easily slip off even if you sweat a lot. The hair are placed in rows in such a way that the attachment is covered by another hair that makes it inconspicuous to the naked eye. Now wearing a ponytail is even more naturally beautiful with keratin hair extensions.


Always apply keratin extensions when your hair is dry. This will allow stronger bonding, making slipping highly impossible. If you’re a swimmer this is a perfect way to keep your luscious hair beautiful.

Brush your hair meticulously and ensure you will not hit the glued part as this might loosen the grip. brush only below the area where both the natural and the extensions are joined to avoid hair mishap.

As with other hair extensions, using sulfate-free shampoo is always recommended to maintain the hair quality of your hair extensions. Other shampoo is too harsh for hair extensions. Remember, hair extensions are not connected to your scalp so they are not supplied with all the natural oils meaning they are more susceptible to dryness and breakage. So if you want to preserve your hair extension longer then go Sulfate-free.

Have a professional hair stylist to install your keratin extensions. Doing this at home is not advisable as it needs special tools and skills to do it properly. So never attempt to do it on your own if you don’t want to waste your money. Improper installation would defeat the purpose of making yourself beautiful.

The next time you think of getting an extension, ask yourself,  what do you I need this for? It will serve as a guide on what type you should get. If you are the outdoorsy type, then go for keratin hair extensions!