Ever thought of upgrading your looks by adopting a totally different hairstyle and texture? Upgrading from a so-so hair to an OMG, whatta hair!?- but some factors like the workplace or other obligations won’t allow you to do some permanent hair twist? I guess we’ve all had that moment.

HHEO is proud to announce the launching of our DREADLOCKS collection offering both synthetic and human hair dreads in the most popular lengths and colours that you cannot resist! The best part about our dreads is that they are all unisex, so anyone can wear them.


Synthetic Dreads, true to its name is made of materials that mimic a real human hair without having to break your piggy bank. They are quick drying, cleaner, lightweight, easy to style and is guaranteed the cheapest option for your dreadlocks hair extension needs. Despite of it being low-priced, it promises flexibility, durability, and ease in wearing it.


  1. Backcomb Twist Double Ended Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

    This is the easiest method available as since you will be getting two synthetic dreadlocks in one piece. This is the most affordable type and the most sought one on the market. This comes in piece sets of 10, 30, 50 and 80. It also comes in different irresistible colours to match all type of natural hair colours like Midnight Black, Earth Brown, River Sand Brown, Full Moon Blonde and Sandy Desert Ombre.

  2. Crochet Synthetic Hair Dreadlock Extensions

    This is the most natural looking synthetic dreads available on the market. It is durable, very lightweight and flexible. We also offer piece sets of 10, 30, 50 and 80 dreadlocks and in colours Midnight Black, Earth Brown, River Sand Brown, Full Moon Blonde and Sandy Desert Ombre.



If you’re looking for that flawless looking hair, then the Human Hair Dreads is your best choice! Human Hair Dreads are the best quality dreadlock hair extensions that offer flexibility in styling, the option of colouring (although we cannot guarantee the results from colouring).


  1. Crochet Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

    These are flexible, soft and natural-looking dreadlocks you will ever find online! We use 100% real Remy human hair to give you that flawless look and the flexibility to colour/tone them with appropriate technique and products done by professionals. Check out our colour options: Midnight Black, Earth Brown, River Sand Brown, Full Moon Blonde and Sandy Desert Ombre with piece set options of 10, 30 and 50.

So if you’re looking into getting that free spirit  or Rastafari vibe, but is chained to your workplace rules or other obligations, then HHEO’s Dreadlocks Collection is your best bet! Keep in mind they can also be used as a permanent option! No need to remove them constantly if you don’t need to! Come check out our latest product or call us at 1300-489-337.