making hair extensions

  1. Best colours to test for quality: When testing samples from a new supplier we recommend choosing #1 Jet Black and #60 White Blonde. #1 jet black is to test the company’s dyeing ability as this colour regularly fades and #60 White Blonde test their beach technology. If both these colours are of high quality then it generally means you’ve found a good supplier. The next hurdle is consistency.
  2. Virgin hair bleaching process: In order to protect the cuticle intact (remy hair), the manufacturer needs to undertake a subtle bleaching technology which slowly fades the hair melanin. This process takes 7-15 days, the time is influenced by hair wash times, temperature, PH value & bleach time. In order to finish with a quality product 15 days should be allowed.
  3. Why does some non remy hair not tangle?Non-remy hair – this is when the hair cuticles from each strand are running in different directions, this is what causes cheap hair extensions to tangle. Manufacturers fix this problem with a 30 minute acid treatment, this removes the cuticle on the hair and prevents it from tangling.
  4. Why some non remy hair extensions tangle easily?If the entire cuticle is removed, there will not be a problem with tangling. Unfortunately to lower costs, many manufacturers shorten the acid process to just 5-8 minutes. This results in the cuticle not completely detaching from the strand, which causes the hair to tangle. In order to completely remove the cuticle, a 30 minute acid treatment is needed which results in a wastage rate of 30%. This removes the cuticle and reduces the weight, hence why cheaper hair extension suppliers take the 5 minute process as there is only 15% wastage. This way they can offer you cheaper hair extensions as the strands weigh more, but these extensions will tangle almost immediately. This is what causes people to misunderstand non-remy hair.
  5. Why do some hair extensions fade?Dyeing hair is similar to painting a wall, if a wall is dirty then the paint will not stick properly and will eventually peel off. If the hair is dyed when the hair is not clean enough the colour will easily fade. To ensure that no fading will take place, hair must be washed 8-10 times in order to have it cleaned properly and to ensure the dye holds. This is another step that low quality hair extensions miss, as this process is expensive and reduces the weight.
  6. Why is hair shedding from my clip in human hair extensions or weft hair extensions?For a quality weft that does not shed 19 stitches per inch is required, if there are less stitches than this per inch hair will shed from weft easily.

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