One of women’s scariest fashion tragedies is the most dreaded hair thinning or hair loss. Well, this truly sounds like a serious emergency. Hair thinning and hair loss are generally influenced by many factors and among these factors include hereditary, post-pregnancy, chemotherapies and excessive use of aggressive chemicals found in hair products that eventually result in hair thinning.

Fortunately, with the latest technologies that we all enjoy today, lots of solutions and quick fixes are made available, and yes we are talking about hair extensions too! Check out this article and find out how you can go for an instant hair revamp with tape in hair extensions.


Tape-in extensions are one of the top-selling hair extensions techniques on the market now and are an absolute hit on women who are always on the go and prefer the “I woke up with gorgeous hair” look every day. As the name suggests, tape in extensions are extensions that come with pre-fitted tape and are taped onto your natural hair. Although the process sounds easy, trust us, it’s something you can’t do on your own. We recommend getting your hairdresser to do the work for you. But let’s talk more about that later. Let’s look into ways how we can get an instant hair revamp with tape extensions.


Ultimately Longer Hair

One of the many reasons why women resort to wearing tape in hair extensions is it can help transform short hair into a lusciously longer looking one without waiting for weeks, months or even years to grow a few inches. Tape extensions are an excellent alternative to hair growers without exposing your natural hair to potentially harmful chemicals.

Fuller Looking Hair

Another reason why women across the world opt to wear tape in extensions is that it can help instantly make their hair fuller. Yes! Instantly fuller-looking hair without anyone noticing you’ve got some “faux hair” on. Easily bring to life all hairstyles that you have ever imagined wearing.

Sport A New Hair Colour

If you are tired wearing that boring one tone hair, why not try adding some highlights or lowlights to your hair? Yes, babe, you can achieve instant high or lowlights with tape extensions. If you want to add some highlights, be sure to get a set that is at least 3 tones lighter than your natural hair. For lowlights, simply choose a tone that’s darker than your real hair. You can also use 1 clip weft, clip in extensions for that thicker highlights effect.

Stylise Without That Long Wait

As we mentioned earlier, tape-in extensions allow you to achieve longer and fuller looking hair in under a few minutes. No more “trial and errors” with hair products that promise you longer and fuller looking hair in just one bottle or weeks of use. Time to ditch all that!

When it comes to shopping for the best cheap human hair extension, it pays to do your research before adding items to cart and typing in your card details at the checkout page. Getting 100% premium Remy human tape extensions makes a huge difference in your overall look. Also, we recommend not installing the tape extensions on your own. We know the method sounds as if you’re just grabbing a piece of tape and patching it into your hair, we know it sounds easy- but in reality, it requires expert skills and it’s best to call for your hairdresser’s help on this. Hairdressers can help install hair extensions and make the tapes lay flat and unnoticeable on your hair.