You must have heard about Indian hair before, some good and some bad. The good things you hear about them is usually backed by facts. After reading this article you will be amazed by the facts you will learn about Indian hair. But before we proceed with the details let me show you a good quality Indian hair extensions that has been selling like hot pancakes. Human Hair Extensions Online sells hair extensions of all sorts. They come in different methods, lengths, style and colours.

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Are you ready to hear all the good things about Indian hair extensions? Here are 6 reasons why you should pick Indian hair over other hair types:

Indian woman hair

Indian hair is so unique. It is not only thick and lustrous, it is also durable and extra flexible too. So you can style it in any way you want and looks naturally beautiful. And because of their durability they can last up to 24 months use.

They blend well with just about any hair most specially Caucasian. Since it is real hair they look and behave like your own hair. They are smooth and don’t tangle easily. A perfect piece for a new you!

If you want to own a Russian or European hair, but can’t afford it, Indian hair can replace it without any hitch as it shares the same characteristics with European or Russian hair.

The hair in India is actually donated to the temple as a ritual. The women shave off their hair as an offering to their Gods to purify themselves. It is an act of surrendering their ego and religious devotion. This practice later on turned into a business opportunity as they realized that the hair industry’s interest in making it into wigs and hair extensions.

Most of the time hair suppliers claim that they are selling Indian hair, but actually sends out Chinese hair to get a bigger profit margin. They resort to all sorts of tricks to make it appear smooth and tangle-free, but it’s original hair characteristics will eventually come out after two washes. So it is really a bit tricky to buy hair online and even in hair suppliers as they undergo a process to make them feel extra smooth when you run your fingers through them.

Contrary to what others believe that the hair used in wigs and extensions comes from dead corpse it actually comes from women who choose to sell their hair in exchange for money or as a part of a ritual like an act offering to their God just like what theIndians do.

So Why choose other hair type over Indian hair when you can one one of the best hair piece?