Important Pointers to Remember Before Shopping for Clip In Hair Extensions article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

The application of hair extensions has become commonplace in recent years. Hair extensions used to be limited to celebrities only, but thanks to technological advancements in the manufacturing of hair extensions, this product has become easily accessible to all women.


But before you start your quest for hair extensions, here are some reminders to follow and apply when shopping online.


  • Buy hair extension type based on your lifestyle


The type of hair extension to purchase will largely depend on the type of life that you lead on a daily basis. For first timers, we highly recommend buying clip in hair extensions from a reputable Sydney-based supplier. Clip in hair extensions are most popular for beginners as they are the easiest to install.


Tape in hair extensions are semi permanent in that they stick to natural hair for a longer period of time. Tape ins are held together by extra strong adhesives that glue to the hair for up to eight weeks. This is perfect for women on the go.


  • Get the right coloured hair extensions


It is important that you get the right colour match before shopping for tape in or clip in hair extensions. If you want your hair extensions to look natural and blend perfectly with your natural shade, you need to get the shade right. The best way to perform a colour match is to check the ends of your hair strands. Never do a colour match with roots as your basis of comparison.


  • Buy only the finest quality tape in hair extensions


Do not skimp when buying hair extensions. It’s always best to save up enough money so you can splurge on the best hair extensions in Sydney. Although it might be tempting to buy synthetic hair extensions, they typically look unnaturally shiny and end up being damaged easily.


If your budget allows, opt for Remy hair extensions or virgin human hair. Remy hair is less expensive than virgin hair. They also resemble natural hair and the hair extensions are less likely to suffer from tangles and other problems that are commonly attached to using synthetic hair extensions.


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