dry shampoo uses

Do you know that dry shampoo has other uses aside from cleaning your hair without necessarily washing them? Yes, that’s right, surprisingly dry shampoo has other brilliant uses other than the one you thought. Let us count the ways it can be useful for other things.

1. Ensures bobby pins stays in place

Dry shampoo has become a hairdresser’s bestfriend as they have finally found the perfect product to keep their intricate updos in place even if the person moves around. The secret is to spray dry shampoo on your pins so that they will not slip out easily. Now you can try updos on your own using professional tricks.

2. Say good bye to greasy bangs

Bangs are always in fashion but the constant struggle is keeping them oil-free. With dry shampoo you can get a short cut to fresh clean hair without getting them wet by washing.

3. Sophisticated braids

Braids are attractive at first but after a couple of hours your hair starts to sprout everywhere which is not good if you’re vying for a sophisticated look. Distress not, dry shampoo to the rescue, this will guarantee you to seal your picture-ready look at any time of the day.

4. Volume booster

Experiencing limp hair? I tip hair extensions are not the only way to get volume. Dust with dry shampoo before blow drying your hair. Luscious voluminous hair is the product of dry shampoo and heat. A word of caution though, if you’re working with dry shampoo with ingredients that adds volume – brush your hair after dusting with dry shampoo. If you sleep without brushing, you hair would probably get enormous.

5. Change your style

Have you ever wanted to change your hairstyle in the middle of the day or after office hours but don’t have the time to wash up before the next appointment? I have, and dry shampoo is perfect solution for this kind of dilemma. So you can go from curly to straight by spraying some dry shampoo on your hair and brush to style. Get fresh hair fresh style in no time!

6. Tame your brows

You’ve probably tried hairspray on your brows to keep them at bay but it does make them crispy and dry. Why don’t you try fixing them with dry shampoo instead? It’ll tame your brows without drying them and you can just brush it out at bedtime.

7. Get rid of smelly shoes

You know the sudden feeling of wanting to shake off your shoes and go barefoot, but just can’t because they stink a lot. Spritz some dry shampoo to eliminate the whiffiness. If they soak up all the oil in your scalp it’ll do the same for your shoes. This is probably one of the best uses of dry shampoo.

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If you want to add more uses for dry shampoo just comment below. We love to hear from you.