Wigs has been here for quite a while, although ,it has slowed down a bit when hair extensions came into the picture. But you can still see it being used for plays, movies, for health reasons or personal like just for the fun of it. Wearing a wig is easy when your hair is short but when it’s long it can be a pretty tedious job. Wigs are fun. It can change our look easily in such a short time.

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There are two main types of wigs the synthetic and human hair. Base from the name itself synthetic is man-made wigs and the other is, of course, made from someone else’s hair. The characteristics of the synthetic hair are that they are more prone to tangle and they are a bit stiff. While the Human hair wigs are softer, smoother and last longer than the synthetic.

human hair wigs

To install the wig properly, secure it with a glue or tape at the edge of the cap to ensure that they will not slip. You can also use both of these two methods. You need not apply tape or glue all throughout the scalp line, just make sure to place some on the mid-front of your forehead and your temples.

If you are one of those women who enjoys changing style,colour and length often, then this is for you. There are numerous ways to secure or fasten the wig as mentioned above and basic ones too. But most importantly, you must aim for a more natural look. Check the wigs quality before purchasing the product, but I would say a human hair wig would be a best choice. There are salons that sells them too, you can also check this out or go online to buy one.

The steps to applying the wigs are easy, but there are usually instructions included in the set when you buy them. As I said there several reasons why wigs are used, one of the most common reason is when one is undergoing chemotherapy or they are experiencing bald spots that needs covering. Whether it’s health reason or hair mishap you can always rely on the wig to cover it for you.

Wigs are also useful when you want to change the colour of your hair without dyeing it. So you get the desired hair colour without necessarily harming your hair. This is also great for changing the your hairstyle without committing to it, whether you have long hair and wants to change to short hairstyle or vice versa.

With the wigs uses, I will not be surprised if you might want to consider buying a human hair wig.