Blessed are those women who have been graced with plump locks as they can be your greatest asset. You will be an envy to all women since hair is one of the body parts we all wish were fatter. Sad to say not all are born lucky. Most of us still look for use alternative options like hair extensions If you are one of the unlucky ones, here is a site that can solve your hair woes away. Get human hair extensions in exciting colours and fabulous lengths and styles.

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Ponytails are a perfect solution for bad hair days. But in this article, let me show you how wrong you are. Ponytails are not just for good for those days you need to hide your hair. You can create a lot of styles for ponies. How? Allow me to share with you this wonderful tips that you just can’t say no to.

woman hair ponytail


Let’s start with amped up ponies. To achieve such results we need to focus more on your crown by applying root lifting spray (of any preferred brand) and back combing the hair gently to create more volume. After creating more body you need to comb your lock backwards and gather all your hair at the center to create a voluminous crown.

Messy ponytail is done putting on some hair mousse specifically to enhance volume and tease your hair when the hair is dry. Gather your hair up into a loose pony and leave out a few strands to stray at the sides to get that messy look. Tie your hair with an elastic band and to hide the elastic tie wrap it with your own hair. Finish the look with a full control hair spray to keep them in place.

If you wanted to enhance both hairstyle just add clip in extensions to give it more body. More body means more attention so it is definitely a plus. You can also opt to install a ready-to-wear ponytail extension.

Another tip to create an illusion of length and volume in a ponytail is to divide the hair into two parts top and bottom. Gather the top part first and tie. Then gather the bottom part just a little bit below the top part and tie so spread the top pony enough to cover the bottom pony to make it look like one pony. And viola! You have a voluminous pony without extensions added.