How to make your hair stay in place

Isn’t it exasperating to have the hair fall out after you carefully styled them to perfection? Whether you like it or not this is more likely to happen if you don’t know the right tricks to keep them in place. You have to try out which ones work out best for you.

Light hold hairspray
Gone were the Aqua net days when you get your hair to stay in place but the downside is it’s terribly stiff that you can turn your head upside down and your hair still won’t budge. Fast forward, 35 years later, we have loads of hair spray available in the market today that can provide medium hold that look natural and relaxed even on human hair extensions.

Tease those hairstyles
Correct teasing can add volume and at the same time let your hair stay in place. To get maximum effect smear a bit of mousse to your hands and apply to your hair, tease at the roots and blow-dry. This will hold your hairstyle all day long.

Hair accessories to the rescue
Bobby pins, barrettes, or headbands are actually a great help if you want those unwanted bangs off your face. Just experiment on how to put them in a stylish way. They are not only fetching to look at they have a good function as well.

Blend hair product well
Any hair products you put on your hair should be spread evenly throughout your hair be it mousse, serum or cream. The best way to apply those products is while your hair is damp because it bonds better.

A cold blast
To dry your hair you use warm setting however to set it in place blast a cold air. This is both effective for both updo or down and loose. Cold air can help make your hair stay in place.

Brush your hair to the direction you want
To make hair stay in the direction you want, brush them with a blower until they dry and you’ll have a more tame hair. It’s like training your hair to get the look you want for the day.

That’s about it, if you know of any other tricks that can make the hair stay in place please feel free to add some ideas by putting it on the comment below this page. We will be happy to read them and thankful for sharing it with us.

Hoping this will help women all over Australia from Sydney to Perth.