Hey everyone welcome back to my youtube channel. Today I will be showing you how I put in hair extensions using the Human Hair Extensions Online.

Alright, let’s start sectioning off my hair, so I’ve just sectioned off the back of my head. And now I’m going to put the one with the two clip ins at the back so I’m just gonna unclip it like so and then you just slide it in. And that’s the first one done.

Oh, my god, my hair is getting so long! Oh my god look at that already so I only got a few in and straightaway it makes such a difference. So just sectioned off now a little bit of the top section to add some more. So now this is where we put the big one in. So this one has four across.

Now that we’ve got all the back done, as you can see it’s like quite thick. We have to do the sides, the front and sides so we’re gonna get into that.

I’ve got it all in. I’m just gonna brush my hair and I will show you the length. So I’ll stand up, so this is where they come. So they are super long and it only took me about 10 minutes to put in so they’re really easy. Anyone can put them in, It’s not going to take you long, just 10 minutes in your morning or night routine before you go out. Make sure you have a brush like this, so it doesn’t go all the way and brush your extensions out just kind of brushes the top of your head.

The other question that people ask is what is Remy hair? Remy hair is real hair and it’s bundled together the way and naturally grew. So that’s what is like a super big difference and it like is really unnoticeable when you wear them. During the manufacturing process the cuticles are actually intact and kept the way that they were, so it ensures that the extensions are soft and shiny and have that natural feel and look to them.

Extensions will last you as long as you look after them. So you can do whatever you want with them, but if you just look after them, wash them when they needed to be washed, keep them together in a little box that they came in. Don’t like chuck them and let them get added up all the time. They’re going to last you for ages, and you can wear them everywhere. And a little secret that I do is that when I’m in a hurry, I’ll actually put them in the day before and have them all day, and I’ll just keep them for the whole weekend like I won’t even take them out. And I find that they don’t even fall out of my hair. They stay in the whole time even when I’m sleeping, I wear them to the gym, I kind of just wear them everywhere.

So yeah they’re a really great investment if you’re looking to buy hair extensions and they look amazing and natural forever.

Thank you for watching. I hope you found this tutorial informative and it inspired you to go buy yourself your very own pair of Remy hair extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online. I’ll leave their link to their website below so you can go. They’ve got amazing colours that’s why I absolutely love them. So look how great this one was like.You wouldn’t even know that they’re hair extensions. So they’ve kind of got colours for everyone that blends really easy into your natural hair.

So thank you for watching. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I’ll be back next week with more tutorials and product reviews. Thank you, bye!