Hey guys welcome back to my channel. So today I’m going to be doing a video that is pretty much updated on how I clip in my hair extensions and how I make my hair look fuller using hair extensions. This video is brought to you by Human Hair Extensions Online.

So my hair has grown in the last couple of months. I’m actually wanting to cut it because it’s just not looking great at the moment. I’ve already pre-styled my hair. I’ll tell you a bit about the packet that I do have. So I have the 10 piece set in 260 grams and it’s the shade of 1b. So this is what they look like. Now I’ve already pre-styled them. I prefer to pre-style them particularly if I’ve got like an event or if I had something in the evening that I can’t be bothered like getting ready all together in one hit like, I like to pre-style them. So I’ve just curled this with a curling wand and I think what I used is by NuMe.

Okay so to begin with, I like to start with the 3 clip one and I’d put that at the bottom of my neck. I’ll show you that. The next, I’d like to use the 2 clip pieces and I do that on the sides. I just section a piece off close to the ear. Just pull that back with a clip. And then we have the 4 single pieces. So I like to put 2 on each side. Because my hair naturally ends about here, this is my hair, I kind of want the front area to blend as well. So I put one super close to the ear. You don’t need to like backcomb or tease your hair anything like that. I prefer to put them around the front area because my hair has got longer layers so it just helps it blend a little bit more but you can trim them so that you can have like even layers. And there you go! The clip ins are installed.

Just to make sure it’ll blend, I’ll just go over my hair with a curling iron again in areas where is it needed. It doesn’t need to be the whole of your head. If you find around the front area you’ve got like gaps on scalps and stuff like… to make your hair fuller, I just like to fill it in with some eyeshadows. This is just the Anastasia Brow Palette, but you can use any dark eyeshadow and just kind of colouring your roots makes your hair look like it has got more thickness.

Voila! I personally love hair extensions because you can change your look up like so easily like it adds that thickness without having to damage your hair in terms of like getting beads extensions or like glue with the glue bead like glue. The glue in ones or like the sew in ones. I just prefer clip ins because you can tailor fit it somewhere you feel like wearing extensions.

Now I do also have a code. It is LATECIAT. You can pretty much get dollars off anything on their website I believe so you just put that in the checkout. So if you are wanting a set for yourself, I’ve got you the hook up. So there is a discount code in the description bar below for you guys.

Like how voluminous does my hair look though like it just has added so much thickness and volume to it. I love it like why can’t my hair be naturally be like this.


So I hope you have enjoyed this video. I hope you’ve learned some new tricks on how to make your hair look fuller. If you do have thinner hair which I kind of do like I have a lot of hair but it is thinner. So I hope you have learned something new and if you have anything that you suggest for me to film in the future I love to hear what your thoughts are. Please like this video and share and subscribe to my channel and I shall see you on my next one. Bye!