Hi guys, it’s Sel. Today’s video is all about the quick and easiest way to just get your hair extensions up and for you to get out the door and go have a good night or day.

I am so excited to announce this. I have been working and collaborating with Human Hair Extensions Online. So I have here the 20” Ponytail Clip Ins, and just to give you a quick rundown on these hair extensions is that they are Remy human hair and they are so much better than the retail synthetic extensions. This is actually really meshed and fitting with your natural hair and they don’t look like hair extensions at all.

Basically, the thickness is what I really was excited about when it came to these hair extensions because my hair is very fine and very thin. The colour I have here is Natural Black and I was so surprised how well it actually matched my hair colour and I’ll show you guys that in a second.

So let’s get straight into installing it. Some people like their hair parted while it’s tied up, but I personally like to have it all back because it gives it a sleek and classy kind of look. As you can see they are not very long, not very thick. Have a look at how precise the colouring is to my hair.

Human Hair Extensions Online were extremely helpful in helping me pick the right colour and the right type for my hair. And if you guys ever need any help, then feel free to always message them. The links to Instagram will be in my description and their website.


So as you can see, the hair extensions come in a full piece as well as a little separate piece. With the clip itself, it will go on top and make sure you separate this extra strand. I’m wrapping around a Velcro part around y ponytail. With this extra strands, I am going to wrap it around my ponytail like so and secure it in its place.