Human Hair Extensions


Human Hair Extensions Online has an extensive range of hair extensions to work with all hair types. Our range includes: Clip in,Tape extensions, U Tip, Skin Weft, Weft, I Tip, micro bead and Easy Weft

 If you’re looking for extensions that can easily be applied and removed from home then Clip In’s are you’re best option. We supply high quality clip in extensions that are securely attached with silicon lined snap clips that are smaller than other company’s use, they are comfortable and look realistic. If clip in set has large clips, your extensions will be more noticeable to onlookers.

If you are looking for premium extensions then I recommend purchasing remy hair and be wary of the cheap hair extensions as you will get exactly what you pay for. If a seller is advertising hair at a cheap price and claiming to to be top of the line products like “remy European hair extensions” you can garrantee they are taking you for a run and selling you low quality non remy hair. We’ve been involved in the hair industry for since 2010 and exclusively supply hair from the best manufacturers, hence why you can trust us!

Hair extension can range from very high to very low prices and this all comes down to brand names and quality. Not all cheap hair extensions are poor quality; you just need to find yourself a trustworthy supplier which can take a lot of trial and error. Many of the well known salon brands are highly over priced and only get away with it because they have been around for a long time and are very well known throughout the industry.

The newest and most popular styles on the market are Tape Hair Extensions. This is because they can be installed very fast and they look the most natural because they sit so flat in your hair. We sell the highest quality of tape hair on the market which has high quality Italian tape which will not fall out. Most online stores supply a low quality Chinese tape that needs to be heated before installation and will fall out after the first wash. We also supply BCTD adhesive remover and BCTD replacement tape.

There are many different methods you can use to enhance your hair style. The trick is to find the right hair piece for you and then to find the right colour to match your hair. If you cannot find the right colour then the best thing to do is purchase a lighter colour and use hair colour or hair dye to match your own colour. It is very important to look after your hair piece to get the longest possible life span out of it, treatments such as Moroccan Oil (Argon Oil) and X-Ten shampoo and conditioner are great for this.

The most well know brand that sells synthetic hair extensions is Jessica Simpson hair extensions AKA Hairdo. Hairdo supply clip in extensions (straight, layered and wavy), clip in bangs, wrap around pony’s and head band hair extensions. The company has found it easy to excel in the market due to her stylish designs and celebrity status. The company was started when Jessica and her hair Stylist Ken Paves decided to join forces and create their brand.

HHEO supplies a huge range of hair extensions Australia wide to the following areas: Melbourne, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast and throughout all the rural areas of Victoria. We not only sell direct to the public, we are also stocked in many hair salons, beauty salons and even have several mobile girls installing our wide range of products. We are a well known company in Queensland due to its high volume of sales in the area and our unmatched customer service. We have found the most popular style to be I tip and the most popular colour to be #2 dark brown. Many girls of ages ranging from 12-50 years old are extending their hair length in Perth and all over Western Australia. Due to the high quality of hair product on the market these days, they are almost undetectable.

Extensions come in many different lengths, weights and sizes. The clip on sets we sell at HHE Online are a 10 piece, 125 gram deluxe set. 8 piece 100 gram standard set and our 7 piece, 75 gram basic set. If we do not sell the set you are after then please contact us and we will source the product for you. If you are a hair salon that want to stock our clip in sets, please phone us on 1300 489 337 and we can discuss prices with you. We can also have a custom designed display racking system made up just for you.

There are lots of different types of hair extension on the market. HHE Online only sell real hair extensions except for our clip in pony tails and feather extensions that are a heat resistant synthetic fiber. Your best bet is to use human hair but if you are after a cheap item that you only want to use every now and then synthetic is perfect for that. Our hair is mainly sourced from India and Asia, many companies claim to sell real European hair but we can guarantee that it is almost impossible to come across these days and if it is then it will be extremely expensive.

The most sought after and popular new trend in the hair and fashion industry today is by far feather hair extensions. This is funny because they are feathers from roosters on whiting farms in the United States which are bred so their feathers can be used for fly fishing. They are now extremely hard to find and very extensive due to their popularity which has really annoyed all the fishermen, so we sell synthetic feather hair extensions which is synthetic strands with the grizzly feather pattern coloured to it.

Everyone has their own personal preference with what style and brand they like to wear. Weft is a very effective style that has been around a lot longer than most other methods. There are two different kinds which are machine weft and hand-tired weft. These styles happen to be very popular in hair salons especially at Bankstown which is where many girls go to their hair extensions installed.