You’ve been using your human hair clip in extensions for quite some time now and you feel they’re ready for a wash. However, you’re afraid that you might damage them while washing. Well, the thing is you don’t have to worry about that because human hair clip in extensions are pretty much similar with our natural hair. So basically, what you do with your own hair, you can also do the same with your human hair extensions. Just like our natural hair, human hair extensions accumulate dirt overtime but that does not necessarily mean that they need constant washing. Ideally, you wash your clip in extensions after 5-10 times of wearing them to keep them in their best condition. When it comes to choosing what type of shampoo and conditioner is best for your extensions, we recommend high quality sulphate free hair products which are specifically designed for hair extensions and those which have high moisturizing content. HHEO-clip-in-hair-extensions

Here are six hassle-free steps in washing human hair clip in extensions:

Step 1 The first thing you need to do is prepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon of your chosen shampoo and a half cup of warm water. Fill a sink or container with water and then pour the mixture into it. Step 2 Get your human hair clip in extension and close all the clips so that they won’t bend and snag on anything while washing. Carefully brush your hair extension to remove tangles. Once you’re done detangling it gently soak it into the water-filled container with shampoo solution which you have prepared earlier. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Step 3 Remove the hair extension from the container and pour out the water inside it. Place your extension under a running tap to rinse off the shampoo. It would be best to rinse your extension using warm water as this would open the pores in your hair extensions which will help later on in absorbing the conditioner you will be applying to it. washing-clip-in-hair-extensions Step 4 Squeeze excess water out from your hair extension and then place it on a dry towel. Apply a good quality sulphate free deep conditioning treatment of your choice. Gently massage it into the tips of your hair extension and slowly work your way up to the wefts. Fold the extension in a clean towel and leave it for at least an hour. Step 5 Wash off the conditioning treatment with water from a running tap. Squeeze out water from the extension and towel-dry it. Place it in a clean and dry towel or hang it to let it dry naturally. It would be best to just air-dry it rather than use a blow dryer. Even though, your human hair extensions can withstand heat, they can still be damaged by the heat overtime. Step 6 When it is completely dry, carefully comb through your hair extension starting from the tips until you reach the roots. After combing, you can now wear it and style it as usual. If you wish, you may also apply a smoothing product over your extension to add glow and softness to it.