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Can you imagine eating your hair? I can’t either. Just the thought of finding a hair on your food can destroy your appetite. But the thing is human hair is made of dead skin cells and keratin that protects our head from heat loss. Hence, it is more than just a covering it’s what makes or breaks a woman’s looks.

blonde hair

Think about it, men and women alike spends hundreds of thousand of dollars for maintenance to keep it on top shape. It caused ladies to weep and men to buy their women the most expensive sports cars. As a proof of how humans value their hair, look at how Samson draw power from his long hair and how Rapunzel used her long hair to entice the prince.

Above are just the reasons why hair can lead to a lot of complexities. But there are a lot of other important facts about hair that you didn’t know, here they are:

Fact #1 Redheads are biologically unique

Carrottops not only differs in appearance but biologically as well. Doctors make special arrangements for redhead women during childbirth as they usually bleed longer. They have the least hair count with 90,000 compared to brown and blonde hair with 140,000.

Fact #2 Jewelry made from human hair

The hair of the deceased relative was used to make a jewelry to pay homage to old granny as photos were not yet available during Victorian era. It then lead to hair art and blossomed into a popular fashion which to this day is still being practice and sold to unique sites.

Fact #3 Hair can be used to clean oil spills

Hair can absorb oil like a natural sponge. Phil McCrory, innovator of this idea uses pantyhose stuffed with hair to mop out oil mess. This was also proven when Cosco Busan oil spilled all over the San Francisco Bay in 2007, volunteers used bundles of hair to clean the area. Then oyster mushrooms are thrown in to the hair mat to absorb all the oil and transform the environmental threat into non poisonous compost.

Fact #4 Soy sauce are made from human hair

Yes, you heard right, it is the number one condiment used by Chinese people. Soy sauce is made from soy and wheat, however a certain Chinese company used the latest bioengineering technology and sourced their amino acids from human hair. They have instantly become a hit in the market as they have a lower price than that of other competitors. As soon as the news came out though people stopped buying as they cannot accept the thought of person’s recycling.

Do you have other fascinating facts about human hair? Maybe you can share some here. We would love to hear from you.