We guarantee that out hair is 100% Remy human hair so it’s absolutely tangle-free, smooth and shiny. We specifically distribute natural and impressive hair extensions at unbeatable prices. Our most sought after permanent hair extensions are our tape extensions which is known for their ability to provide a strong hold so you can be assured it won’t slip. Hair can last between 12 -24 months depending on how you care for it.

Experience our world class customer service and get your hair match to it’s closest hue:


Wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions have become so popular that almost everyone has tried it or somewhat familiar with it. It has grown to be one of the most lucrative businesses in the beauty industry, who does not want to own a beautiful and luxurious locks anyway it’s every woman’s dream after all.

human hair

Hair extensions come in all sorts of types, texture, lengths and colours. But the most important is what they are made of, whether they come from a human hair or synthetically made. For some they may think that they can save by using or buying synthetic hair because they are way cheaper than real hair but in reality they aren’t.

Yes, you can save if you are after one time use, but if you are after a more permanent one then I would highly recommend the human hair as they last longer than synthetic ones. In addition, human hair looks and feels natural. They are incredibly soft, shiny and manageable as compared to the synthetic hair.

Human hair is highly versatile as it can be styled like you would your ordinary hair which can be difficult for synthetic hair as they cannot withstand heat. Therefore, synthetic hair limits your styling capabilities and they are also off limits to hair processes such as colouring and perming.

If you want the best hair go for the ultimate option, Remy human hair. They are considered premium because they were collected with the follicles intact and running in the same direction which is accountable for its manageability and minimized tangling.

How to tell human hair from synthetic hair? Aside from looking natural, soft, shiny and manageable, another way of differentiating the two is by burning both if its human hair then it will burn but if it’s synthetic then it will definitely melt.

So if you wanted to use it just once maybe synthetic is good option for you. But if you’re after something more permanent, then Remy human hair is perfect for you!