Sick of styling dull coloured hair? Do you want to add more depth to your hair creating that thick hair illusion? Well, you can simply go book a salon appointment with a hair colourist and get your highlights, sweetheart. That’s probably what anyone would do once they think of getting their hair colour reinvented. However, highlighting is not possible without using bleach. Bleach is used to help lighten the hair faster. It reacts to the melanin in the natural hair, removing the colour through an irreparable chemical reaction. However, is it possible for me to sport highlights without having to use harsh chemicals like bleach? The good news is, absolutely yes!

Hair extensions are popular in helping improve hair in an instant! It can transform a short hair into long, luscious one and also help improve hair thickness by turning a thin flat hair to voluminous locks that women dream of. Hair extension can bring your hair to the next level without much effort and seeing a hair colourist.

Other than giving you that instantly longer and thicker locks, did you know that you can get some faux highlights with human hair extensions? Well, this is your lucky day! In this article, we will teach you How to Use Hair Extensions as Fake Highlights, so you can say goodbye to the arduous time of getting a salon booking and avoid that petrifying bleach.


  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Rattail comb
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair claws
  • Heat Protectant
  • Curling wand 
  • Hair polish spray

Gather items above, especially a set of trusted clip in hair extensions. It is important that you use a high-quality hair extensions Brisbane brand to achieve the best result and have a flawless blend. In case you do not have a rat tail comb, you may use a regular ruler comb. You may also use a straightening iron to curl your hair by wrapping your hair around the iron plate and hold it for a few minutes before releasing the hair. Lastly, you can use polishing creams or serums in case you do not have the spray form.

So if you are all set and have your items with you, let’s level up that hair, baby!


STEP #1: Choose Your Extensions

Usually, you would want your hair extensions to blend flawlessly with your real hair by choosing the best or at least closest hair colour to your hair. However, when using hair extensions as highlights, we will be doing a slightly different technique. To achieve that highlights effect, your hair extensions must be lighter than your base colour. Now, this may create a sharp definition to your highlights, so to make it look subtle, we recommend getting two shades lighter than your real hair colour. This will give a smooth piano colour transition effect to your hair. You can always get hair extensions that come in two-tone or foiled effect like our HHEO Clip in #18/613 or #P10/24 shades.

STEP #2: Part Your hair

Section your hair into even layers. The number of layers and sections may vary depending on how thick your hair is. You can use your rat tail or ruler comb to create that straight partition. Once you are done sectioning your hair, grab the top sections and clip it away from the bottom parts.

STEP #3: Detangle Your Hair and Hair Extensions 

Now don’t get too excited about putting on that extension. Make sure to detangle your hair and hair extensions to get rid of knots.

STEP #4: Apply the Hair Extensions

When working the bottom section, always get the weft with the most clips. Usually, the longest weft has 4 to 5 clips on it. Always position it as centered as possible.

STEP #5: Work Your Way Up

Now that the bottom part is all set, let some of the clipped top part sections of your hair down, and clip the rest back up.

STEP #6: Gently Brush Your Hair

Gently gather the bottom hair, including your hair extensions. Then, gently brush it from ends working your way up. Of course, try not to brush all the way to the roots as the clips of your hair extensions may tug your real hair, and that is something we do not want happening. Brushing your hair will not only get rid of possible knots and tangles but also help blend your hair extensions to your real hair.

STEP #7: Add More Clips

Grab another four to clip extensions and clip it along the new part you created. Repeat the process until you reach the top part of your head.

STEP #8: Make It Look Natural

Don’t just go crazy on putting on those clip extensions to get your faux highlights. Add some face-framing pieces. You can always add some clips on the side of your head, just about an inch above your ear. Do this on both sides. Repeat on the other side.

STEP #9: Blend, Blend, Blend

Now that you’re faux highlights are all in place, let’s get down to blending business shall we? Now, for that seamless look, simply brush your hair and hair extensions and style it the way you want it.

STEP #10: Add Some Curls

Ow, wait! Before you go curl galore, do not forget to spritz heat protectant to prep your hair for curling. Grab your curling wand or iron and create those bouncy, dreamy curls to add more volume to your overall look. This can help seamlessly blend your hair and hair extensions, giving you that flattering faux highlights.

STEP #11: Seal it!

And finally! Get that luxurious waves by keeping your curls in place and adding that extra shine using a hair polishing spray or any hair polishing serum on hand.


Of course, we are not letting you go without a bonus takeaways. (You’re welcome, anytime!)  If you are wanting to do spot highlights or just add small streaks of highlights and want it to sit on your hair for weeks, you may want to consider tape hair extensions. This is an excellent choice if you want something permanent and provides you with the flexibility on how little highlight you can add to your hair.

Lastly, who says highlights are limited to brunette and blonde combinations? Nu-uh! You can certainly use fashion colours for a more trendy style.