If you’re looking for the fastest way to add length and volume to your hair, you may want to look into purchasing the ponytail hair extension. More women are realising the benefits of hair extensions. Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, clip in ponytail hair extensions is also advantageous to women with thinning hair.

If you haven’t tried out clip in ponytail extensions just yet, we’ll give you more reasons why you should invest in one or two or more today!

What are Ponytail Extensions? 

Clip in ponytail hair extensions is a type of extension inserted into a ponytail to enhance a woman’s hair length and volume. There are many types of ponytail hair extensions. Human hair ponytail extensions are made from natural human hairs while synthetic human hair ponytail extensions are made from materials that resemble hair strands. The best ponytail extension manufacturers offer them in a wide range of lengths, colours, and styles. 

Clip in ponytail hair extensions is relatively easy to use and maintain. Unlike complete hair extensions that cover the entire scalp region, ponytail hair extension upkeep requires less time, tools, and money, too. 

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Ponytail Hair Extensions?

  • Create the Illusion of Fuller Ponytails

If you have thin or fine hair, creating a ponytail can be a disappointing affair. No matter how high or low you place your hair in a ponytail, they will still end up looking short or thin. Use clip in hair ponytails to add more volume and character to your ponytail style.

  • Casual or Formal— You Can Wear It Anywhere? 

A clip in ponytail extension is quite versatile. You can wear it wherever, wherever, as often as you’d like!

  • Have Fun with Many Hairstyle Options 

If you’ve always wanted to try more innovative hairstyles but do not have adequate length or volume to do so, the best ponytail hair extension will help make it happen for you. Have fun trying out glamorous hairstyles without the need to wait for your hair to grow at your desired length. Simply clip in the human hair ponytail extension and you’re ready to rock different hairstyles with ease. 

  • Easy Application and Removal

One of the main struggles among women who wear wigs or full hair extensions is that they can be tedious to install and take off. For instance, weave-in hair extensions require professionals to ensure a successful application and removal. If you do installation and removal of full hair extensions yourself, you may end up damaging not only your hair extensions but your natural hair, too. 

On the other hand, clip-in hair extensions  were designed with easy application and removal in mind. For first-time users, it may take some time for you to achieve the look you need with human hair ponytail extensions. Practice makes perfect as they say. So, the more frequent you use hair extensions the faster you can apply and remove them over time. 

  • Easy and Comfy Wear

Apart from looking unnatural, wigs can cause discomfort when worn for prolonged periods. Since wigs consist of a base and a thick layer of hair, you may find it extremely uncomfortable to wear. 

On the other hand, clip in hair extensions differ in design and construction. You can simply attach the on top of your natural hair. They are not as heavy as wigs and feel comfortable even while worn for many hours. 

  • Natural-Looking Hairstyles

Make sure to choose a clip in human ponytail extension with the same shade as your natural hair, or one that matches the colour of your hair. When properly installed, clip in hair extension will look like natural hair. 

  • Look Gorgeous Anytime and Anywhere

If you’re the type who prefers to not wash your hair daily, the best ponytail hair extensions will save the day. If you have an emergency face-to-face meeting or a date, placing a clip in your hair ponytail will help make you look fresh!

  • Protects your Hair from Dryness

Experts recommend not shampooing the hair daily. This is because too much hair washing can strip away the natural oils that make the hair strands nourished. Additionally, repeated hairstyling with hot tools can damage your hair. Hair extensions can save you from such stresses. You can maintain longer, stronger hair by keeping it unwashed for a day or two. To tidy up your look in between hair washing, you can rest assured that a clip in hair extensions will give you a cleaner, more polished look. 

Whether you are looking to change your style, conceal thinning hair, or give it a rest from constant heat styling, it’s time to give human ponytail hair extensions a try! HHEO offers a wide range of clip in ponytail hair extensions. Check out our current offerings here. For additional enquiries, you may contact our direct line on 1300 489 337 today.