One of the most awesome benefits of wearing human hair extensions is that you can style your luxurious locks based on your mood, outfit and personal style.  If you purchase long Remy human hair extensions for instance, you can play around with it until you find your signature look.


It’s fun and exciting to experiment on hairstyles using clip-in hair extensions, too. The ease of application plus the endless possibilities on how you can style your hair in a different way for each day of the week is exciting. And styling your clip-in hair extensions is an excellent outlet to showcase your creativity and passion for beauty.


For women who are relatively new to hair styling, here are some hair style inspirations that you may want to read about based on the shape of your face.


  • Square Face


For a face-flattering frame, you may start styling your tape-in hair extensions by parting the hair at the center. Parting hair at the center focuses the attention on the length of your face, rather than the width or the different angles on the side of your face. Soft and dainty curtain bangs or a solidly layered Remy hair extension cut will make the forehead look smaller whilst giving emphasis to the cheeks.


Celebrities who have successfully pulled off these styles are Kate Winslet, Sofia Vergara and Leighton Meester.


  • Round Face


If you have a round face, your main goal is to create a hairstyle that will upstage the noticeable “roundness” or curves of your face. Famous celebrities with round faces like Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez use blowout hairstyles to draw attention away from their face, making their locks the centre of attention instead.


  • Heart-Shaped Face


Celebrities with a heart-shaped face usually have wide foreheads. You don’t need to hide this facial feature, but instead make it less prominent. Just like the iconic supermodel, Tyra Banks, you can trim the front of your clip-in hair extensions to create soft bangs that can be swept to the side. With a deep swooping side part style, the focus will then be on the eye area and the cheekbones.


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