Human Hair Extensions is the best hair product to be ever invented in helping women instantly enhance hair volume and length. Weddings, photoshoots, fashion shows, and all other special events, or even on a regular day, you surely can find ladies wearing human hair extensions. Just take a look at our gorgeous model Nicole sporting her HHEO Clip In extensions:

We know that some girls are already aware as to how the hair extensions trend goes, however for ladies who are just stepping into this vogue, aside from asking where can I buy hair extensions near me? Another most common question to be ever asked is how do I put in human hair extensions? Well, luckily, we are here to guide you through the different installation process of the most popular hair extensions technique available on the market.

As we have many different hair extensions technique, the method of installation also varies from tape in, clip extensions, ponytail and many more. But let’s touch base on the 3 most popular hair human extension techniques based on this continuously growing hair trend.


True to its name, HHEO Tape in human hair extensions are wefts of hair, approximately 1 inch wide with pre-fitted tapes in its tracks. This extension is being “taped-in” in between your natural hair in sandwich-like bonds. What makes this method the crowd’s favourite is that it’s 100% natural, requires no heat and other salon tools or harsh chemicals. And because it is made from high-quality Remy human hair, it can last you up to 24 months with proper care and maintenance.


  1. Part your hair into layers starting from the bottom then work your way up.
  2. Take the first tape in weft and remove the blue tape covering. Tape it on your hair as shown below:
  3. Continue adding the number of wefts you desire per hair layer.
  4. Once you have added the number of wefts necessary, grab a comb or brush that has a 
  5. sharp tail like the one shown below to help separate the sections of hair where the first batch of tapes extensions are on.
  6. Flip the sections of hair where the tape extensions are on using the comb, then tape the next batch of hair extensions underneath the first one, a sandwich-like bond.
  7. Proceed with the next layer of hair.
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until all hair extensions have been installed on your hair.

Note: Most of our customers go to their trusted hairdressers for convenience, but doing it yourself at home is also possible just like our HHEO Babe Kristie Roche. Check out her video tutorial as she walks us through on How to Apply Tape In Hair Extensions at home.


Another top-selling hair extensions method on the market are the Clip in human hair extensions. This is the fastest and easiest type available and the best choice for those who love to do DIY and best to use on those special occasions like wedding, photoshoots and even for regular use.


  1. Using a rat-tail comb or your nails whichever you prefer, simply part your hair into two sections. Use a claw hair clip to hold the top section of your hair.
  2. Get the longest weft of clip in hair extensions, and unsnap the pre-fitted clip-ins. Clip the first weft of hair extensions on your hair.
  3.  Grab the second later of your hair and repeat step 2.
  4. Repeat steps until all clip-in pieces have already been installed.

Note: Clip-in extensions come in 5 and 10 Piece Set depending on how thick you’d like your hair to be. The number of layers of hair when sectioning during installation may vary from one user to another depending on the thickness of the natural hair. Check out HHEO Babe Stephanie J do a quick tutorial on How to Install Clip in hair extensions from HHEO.



Ponytail extensions are another hit when it comes to the hair extensions trend. It’s literally quick and easy to install and it only takes less than 5 minutes to do the whole installation process. This method is usually the go-to method of those who wish to achieve that Arianna Grande look or need a thick ponytail for updos like a classic bun for weddings and a whole lot more.


  1.   Tie your hair into a ponytail. High or low ponytail, depending on the style you’d like to achieve.
  2. Clip the ponytail extension to your natural hair ponytail then wrap the hair extensions around the base of your “natural hair” ponytail.
  3. Then wrap the hair extensions around the base of your “natural hair” ponytail. Using the excess hair strands, wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the weft part of the hair extensions then lock it using a bobby pin.

    Watch HHEO Babe Kristie Roche as she demonstrates how to install Clip In Ponytail Extension.

    HHEO offers a wide range of 100% remy human hair extensions with different lengths and luscious colour options to surely match your desired look. Learn more about or products by clicking HERE or by emailing us at