Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian is no easy task. This social media personality, model and socialite have managed to gain worldwide attention with her unique beauty and an eye for fashion. Whether you like it or not, everyone’s looking forward to what she’s doing or wearing next.

We all know that she has gorgeous locks that are just plainly gloriously delightful. You might be wondering how to get that same perfect mane. Well, wonder no more, here at Human Hair Extensions Online we can provide you with a step by step guide on getting ‘Kim Kardashian’s hair’ style.

First, we need to get the right hair for you. I highly recommend you get extremely high quality 100% Remy Human Hair. This type of hair is smooth, silky and does’nt tangle. The hair will last longer than any other hair extensions. Most importantly, it can be curled, straightened, blow-dried and dyed (darker) like you would do on your own hair.

However, like your own natural hair it can get damaged with too much heat so use heating tools sparingly; or use a heat protector to preserve the hair. You can also turn the temperature down to achieve your result with less damage your tresses.

Now, let’s move on to the method. Here at Human Hair Extensions Online we offer 7 methods but for today’s look I would recommend these two options: Tape in or clip in hair extensions. You can go for tape in hair extensions if you want a permanent option or go for clip-in hair extensions for a temporary look. Both would look great! The only difference is the length of time you want them on your head.

Once you have decided on the method we can then pick the right colour to achieve our goal. To get the right hair tones we will be blending 20 inch Human Hair Extensions in #1b Natural Black and #4 Medium Brown. Both tones are available in tape-in and clip in hair extensions.

I highly suggest you have your professional hairstylist install the hair for you to avoid mishaps. Aside from being fully trained they have the right equipment for the proper installation. They would also be giving you tips on care and maintenance of the hair extensions to make them last for 12 months or more.

You now have the volume, length and the tone all we need is to complete the look with big waves. This can be done with either a curling or a straightening iron whichever you are more comfortable using. Remember turn down the heat to conserve the hair.

And you’re done! Now, show the world what a princess is like!

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