Being officially named as one of the Top-20 pop stars is no joke, but doesn’t she deserve it! Jennifer has constantly been in the limelight with her stunning looks and for oblivious reasons has been offered another 3 year contract with Dior for $15 million.

Women admire her because she is one of those effortlessly beautiful people who inspire us to look beautiful every day. She always manages to look stunning every time she wears Dior’s gorgeous gowns and walks down the red carpet.

But despite all of this she is not afraid to show who she really is inside. She is very comfortable with her own skin this is probably why people love her because she is an authentic person.

This is also most probably why she looks great even on pictures because she looks so natural and unpretentious.

We love her pixie cuts but I’d still go for those long layers with lots of body and a bit tamer feathering. She has been also known for changing her hair colour very often and we just love her for it.

Human Hair Extension Online decided to recreate her look. We have chosen 3 different Jennifer hair tones that you might be interested in copying.

Image #1

To achieve this sultry look you need our 20 inch Tape-in extensions in #6 Golden Brown if wanted a permanent option or you could also opt for the temporary one like our clip in hair extensions. This will provide you the appropiate body and the tone to get the look.

Image #2

Get those beachy waves without stepping onto a beach with a mix of 20 inch Tape in hair extensions in #24 Golden blonde and #8 Light Brown. You can either equally divide the quantity of each colour or pick one tone you wanted to intensify, more of #24 Golden Blonde if wanted it lighter or more of #8 Light Brown if you choose a darker tone.

Image #3

The third look is an absolute blonde babe, get this hot look with our 20 inch Tape in hair extension in #18/613 Honey Bleach. This hair is a combination of #18 Honey Blonde and #613 Beach Blonde which gives any blonde hair a lift and is a beautiful eye catcher.

We just covered 3 of Jennifer Lawrence famous look, it is up to you choosing which one you would like to mimic. If you have any suggestions on which celebrity looks we are going to duplicate please feel free to comment below. We will welcome it and try to come up with our version.

If you have any questions you can contact our friendly customer service anytime and they would be more than happy to assist you.

Own the red-carpet look now with our high quality hair extensions.

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