Colour matching is a complicated process, especially when you are about to purchase clip-in pony tail extensions that will compliment your actual hair colour. Trying out extensions with various colours, shades, and effects add to the fun of using high quality human hair extensions to complete beautiful looks.


This article serves as a quick and easy guide when shopping for the perfect clip-in human hair extensions that truly match the colour of your actual hair.


Things to consider when colour matching with clip in hair extensions


  • Ask yourself if the existing shade or colour of your actual hair is something that you’re comfortable with.
  • If you have light coloured eyes, you may choose to buy clip-in human hair extensions in darker shades. Consequently, if you have dark coloured eyes, find a lighter shade for your hair extensions.
  • If your skin colour has a tinge of pink, avoid choosing hair extensions with red tones. If you have a yellow undertone, avoid coloured hair extensions with yellow tones. If you have beige skin, you can be more flexible as most hair colour tints will suit you well.
  • Use a hair colour chart to guide you in selecting the colour that will suit you best. Hair extensions come in a wide array of colours. Choose wisely and use the hair colour chart that perfectly matches your hair colour. You may also pick a hair colour that complements your actual hair tone.

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