Ever experienced a bad hair day? Well, who hasn’t? I guess everyone has one way or another experienced it at some point. And I am sure that you are with me on this quest for ways to get rid of it forever. One sure way to banish bad hair day is to put in clip in hair extensions to add more body to your hair. And here at Human Hair Extensions Online we just have the right hair for you just pick out the hair that closely match to your own to make it appear more natural. Our hair is 100% remy human hair so you can be assured it smooth and tangle-free. All products comes in with a complete instructions on how to how to put in clip in hair extensions.

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bad hair go away

Don’t let bad hair spoil your day. When it strikes, don’t fret as it will only ruin your entire day instead do something and act to avoid this altogether. To the days that our hair just has a mind of their own, here are the tips to make you bad-hair-day-free at any given day:

Remove scalp build-up
This shouldn’t be a problem as one of the most effective ways of doing this is washing your hair with baking soda and water and massage your scalp for a few minutes; then followed with Apple cider vinegar rinse.

Depending on your hair needs, most can benefit with leaving deep conditioners for 10 minutes while for those who have damaged hair leaving it overnight is highly recommended as it will certainly work wonders on your parched locks.

Dry your hair the right way
I know it may sound impossible to most women who just can’t imagine letting their hair air dry especially when they have been so used to blow drying it. The excessive use of heating tools has been known to damage the hair so best course of action should be to minimize its use. You should be able to tell the difference if you try to steer clear from it for a week. Or do try the cool setting on your dryer for a less damaging effect.

Use silk instead of cotton
Silk pillowcase is perfect for use as it does not take your natural oils unlike cotton ones. Silk is not that absorbent so your hair will not be stripped off their natural oils which cause dryness.

Use dry Shampoo on “no poo” days
Dry shampoo can substitute for those days you need to rest your hair from the drying effects of shampoos. This can also greatly benefit if you have oily scalp as they can absorb extra oil thus leaving your hair looking more gorgeous than ever.

Updo or a hat
If all else fail you can always opt to put up your hair in a bun or use a hat to cover those not-so-great hair of yours.

All the little things you do to your hair everyday can have a profound impact on your hair so make sure you are doing things right. Remember if you want instant transformation, put in clip in hair extensions!