How to Choose Human Hair Wigs for Beginners article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Are bad hair days getting the best of you? Are you looking into buying human hair wigs to end your misery of trying to keep your hair tamed at least? If you answered YES, then we recommend checking out this guide on how to buy human hair wigs for beginners.

  • What is the shape of your face?

Before buying wigs online, there are a few factors that you need to seriously consider. The wigs that you see worn by models may look flawlessly beautiful, but will they look just as good on you?

Here are a few rules when it comes to buying wigs based on the shape of your face:

  • Oval-shaped faces are very flexible in that they can wear wigs of any style imaginable.
  • For square-shaped faces, you need to consider buying wigs Australia that are longer in terms of length.   
  • Chin-length blonde wigs are perfect for heart-shaped faces that want to look elegant and timeless at the same time.
  • Lifestyle is a serious factor when buying wigs online

Consider your lifestyle as a determinant to which type of wigs to buy online. You also need to consider the places and occasions you plan to use your wigs.

  • Get the perfect fit

You may need to seek the assistance of professional hair stylists to get the right size of a wig. First off, you need to measure your hair volume accurately and then proceed to finding wigs that are the right fit.

  • Match your wig with your features

It is always best to match the colour and style of your wig with your skin complexion, eye colour, and natural hair. Make sure to use your eyebrows as a guide when choosing the colour of your wig.

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