As we all feel the impact of this global health concern, many businesses have decided to cease operation or limit their services per day for safety reasons in compliance with local government policies. Amongst these businesses is our favourite local salons who have been our fairy godmothers in helping us care for our hair extensions.

Aside from temporarily closed salons and limited bookings, some of us can’t go out due to health risk reasons and currently imposed quarantine. So what are we ought to do with all these hair extensions? Here are some tips that you can try on How To Care For Your Hair Extensions During Quarantine.

  • Give your hair some extra TLC by brushing it more often than usual to avoid knotting or tangling. Make sure to use hairbrush designed specifically for hair extensions to prevent hair being pulled off the weft and hair shedding. As much as possible, do not brush your hair when it’s wet. Allow it to air dry then work your way from the ends to the top when brushing. Keeping your hair brushed will help avoid stressful hair matting and keep your hair extensions from tangling.
  • Avoid shampoo and conditioners that contain sulphate. Sulphates can strip the natural coating and moisture off of your hair extensions. And since hair extensions do not self-repair due to lack of access to sebum, the natural oil produced in our scalp, hair strands tend to become frizzy and be prone to breakage. Use shampoos that are certified sulphate-free and formulated for hair extensions
  •  Do not go DIY with your hair extensions removal, unless you are a pro at it. Heed us when we say this. Regardless of the type of permanent hair extensions, you’re wearing, do not try this at home! Yes, it looks so basic on youtube videos, and there are ladies out there who’d go, “Yeah girl, I’ve been taking out my extensions on my own for like years now,” but DIY is not for everyone especially if you are a newbie. Improper removal of hair extensions may lead to breakage and further undesirable effects. We know that the situation we are all in now is frustrating, but let’s hope that things will go back to normal, so let’s all be a little more patient and wait for the experts to take care of this for us. 
  • Use the quarantine time to give yourself and your hair the much-needed pampering. Most of us are at home now, and we have more time now to be doing things that we didn’t have much time before. Try creating your hair care routine and take time doing every step in your hair care protocol. You’re not going anywhere anyway to be in a rush.   

Let’s all try to be positive and hope that this whole thing will be over soon so everything can go back to normal, and our long missed salons and hairdressers can resume their regular operations so we can get our hair fixes. If you need more tips, email us at Stay safe and healthy babe!