They say shopping is therapeutic. It may sound easy and fun to do, but in reality, it also requires proper planning and strategic approach when it comes to choosing the right product to spend your money on. This principle applies to all products that you shop for online, but most especially when it comes to buying hair extensions.

We’ve gathered important points on How to Buy Hair Extensions so you can get the most out of your hard-earned bucks.


Many women can attest that hair extension are an absolute confidence-booster as it can instantly improve one’s appearance in under 5 minutes. And the great news is that- they are perfect for everyone who wishes to have that hair upgrade without having to spend lots of time waiting for their hair to grow, or engage in a trial-and-error period where they try on different hair growth products.

However, when purchasing hair extensions, you need to consider your lifestyle primarily because there are lots of different hair extensions type or method and that you need to identify first, like whether or not you should go for permanent or temporary extensions. You also need to ask yourself questions like, do you love to change hair colour very often? Do you love to hit the gym? Do you enjoy trying on different hairdos? Or you do you love taking a dip at the beach or pool to beat the heat? No matter how regular or sporadic your daily routine is, Human Hair Extensions Online surely has something instore that can work for you.


Another thing you’d like to consider when buying hair extensions is whether to go for human hair extensions or synthetic. Synthetic extensions are made of poly filament, fibers and acrylic or polyester to create that hair fiber that would mimic human hair strands. You can find this type of hair commonly with wigs and doll hair. Human Hair, by its name, is made of 100% real human hair from trusted donors.

Synthetic hair extensions are well known for its cheaper price than a real human hair. Reason? Synthetic hair is easy to source because they are heavily abundant. Unfortunately, despite the cheap price, the advantage of getting synthetic hair extensions is that you cannot colour or style them. Unlike human hair, synthetic easily tangles and are super shiny making it look very unnatural.

Human Hair Extensions, on the other hand, do not come cheap as synthetic hair since they are made of real human hair sourced from reliable donors. However, despite the price difference compared to synthetic extensions, many clients prefer Remy human hair extensions due to its natural look and feel. It also offers you the flexibility when it comes to styling it like: be able to colour it, straighten and colour it.


Truth be told. These two things go hand-in-hand when it comes to shopping for hair extensions. You can find lots of “more economical” pieces starting at $30, but we all know what’s the catch when it comes to its quality right? You’ll be stuck with different limitations when it comes to styling it and you’ll have to put on more effort when it comes to making it look natural.

On the other hand, products that come with dear price tags speaks of its premium quality. Of course, quality is always the number one determining factor of a product price. With real Remy human hair extensions, the price can be a little bit higher than synthetic ones but it offers you longer life-span, styling flexibility, natural look, and feel, and the guarantee that you are putting your hard-earned bucks on the right type of product. 


Supporting our third factor to consider above, payment options also play a big role when it comes to buying hair extensions. Having more options when it comes to mode of payment helps you come up with an educated spending decision. As what they say, it pays to do your research before getting giddy and shopping for products like hair extensions without doing your research. Aside from considering “Who offers the best price?” Looking into the payment options being offered to you by each brand is worth considering.

With HHEO, you can get the best set of human hair extensions with our wide range of payment options such as credit card, Paypal, bank transfers and our pay later services such as AfterPay, ZipPay and even Sezzle (For USA customers only).


We all agree that the demand for Remy human hair extensions is high compared with other types of extensions. So if you are about to shop for some new set of hair or if this is your first time to purchase tape in extensions, clip in or ponytail, make sure to consider the factors above and get them from a company who doesn’t only give you promises of premium quality hair extensions, but delivers them.