Now, thanks to hair extensions, it is even easier to go from short to long hair in less than an hour with clip in hair extensions. You can now put on a fake hair and make it more real than ever, the secret is proper application. There are two possibilities when you you put on hair extensions, if improperly applied you’d look utterly ridiculous; or downright gorgeous if done correctly. So the key therefore is having a professional hairdresser help you out.

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Let me challenge you to try copy these 6 DIY hairstyle that you can easily duplicate. You may also find these useful for everyday style or any special ocassions. How to apply clip in hair extensions to get different looks for different occasions is no sweat with these sure ideas.

high pony

Low or high pony

This style is versatile that you can actually wear this on any sports event, casual event or even a night out you just need an added variations like a hair piece in the evening to complete your look. Otherwise a simple don pony is already awesome when your hair has that added body It is not easy to do magic on body-less mane.

center-part waves1

Center-parted loose

A Hollywood staple hairstyle that never failed to wow the audience in the red carpet season. Notice the difference when you add a full head extensions to this style. The faux hair will certainly boost the volume thus providing that extra dazzling factor that we all long for.

 messy top bun

Elaborated top knot

Bun never looks star-worthy style when they look small and insignificant. The bun should be on top of your head and sitting flat in the middle. You can backcomb it to give it some added body or braid it before coiling it into a bun. With extensions this style would look effortlessly amazing.


side pony

Side pony

Longer, shinier, sleeker is always better and with clip in hair extensions it can be accomplish in a flash. All you need to do is bring your low pony to one side and there you have it. You can have it straight or make is sexy by curling it.


Side bun

Similar to the one above but you coil it to form a bun. You can have it clean or messily done. This is an easy style and can be quite versatile–can be use during daytime or at night time. A hairpiece would also be a welcome accessories here as it would spice up your look specially on a night out.

So get your clip in extensions now, and win the crowd!