The most difficult part of preparing for special occasions is styling your hair so that it perfectly suits your dress and makeup. This situation only becomes more problematic when for those with short hair. If you want to showcase long, beautiful hair for an upcoming social event, you may want to look into buying clip-in hair extensions.


What are clip-in hair extensions?


Clip-in hair extensions are known to be the most convenient and easy-to-use hair extensions that you can purchase online. The best clip-in hair extensions are those made from 100% human hair or Remy hair. Clip-in extensions are perfect for those who want a fast way to add more length and volume to their hair.


Clip-in hair extensions sold by reputable Australian companies come in various lengths, styles, colours and textures. Human hair clip-in hair extensions are extremely flexible and can be styled and treated however you want.


How to apply or install clip-in hair extensions?


If you are after a more natural look, make sure to use the best clip-in hair extensions made from 100% human hair. Make sure to choose clip-in extensions that are one shade lighter than your actual hair colour in order to naturally mimic highlights.


Purchasing natural clip-in  hair extensions is always ideal in that they come in a wider variety of lengths, colours and volumes. In addition, human hair clip-in hair extensions are easy to style, care and maintain in the long run.


Clip-in hair extensions are best if you desire to add volume to your hair. When shopping for clip-in hair extensions, pick wavy or curly styles as they blend flawlessly with our natural hair texture.


  • When installing clip-in extensions, start from the bottom part of the scalp. To achieve this, begin by parting your hair into sections. Secure the sections at the top most layer of the head with a clip.
  • To guarantee that the clip-in hair extensions will hold firmly for hours and will not slide out, add dry shampoo before applying hair spray to the roots.
  • Section the hair into small sub-sections. To tease the roots easily, use a backcomb. Teased sections are where the clip on extensions will be attached to.
  • Most clip-in hair extensions have two or three clips. Start using clip-in extensions that feature three clips before proceeding to those with fewer clips.
  • Slide the clip-in extensions into the teased area and then make sure to snap it shut before proceeding to attach the other extensions. Attach the clips as close to the scalp as possible for a natural look.


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