How Often Should You Wash Tape Hair Extensions? Plus Other Hair Extension Tips You Ought To Know article image by Human Hair Extensions Online


Tape hair extensions made from quality remy hair or 100% real human hair are worthwhile investments. In terms of longevity, durability, manageability, and overall aesthetics, they are truly a cut above the rest.


With all this in mind, it is imperative that hair extension owners have the right knowledge to take good care of these priceless hairpieces.


Here are some tape in hair extensions fundamentals:


  • Make sure you use the right moisturising products for your tape in hair extensions


Tape in hair extensions do not have a direct source of nutrients to keep the shine and moisture locked within strands. It is therefore vital that hair extension users use safe but nourishing hair products to seal in moisture and to maintain the shine. When washing your tape hair extensions, make sure to use alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. These products are gentle on the strands and will keep dryness and dullness out of the way.


Brand new tape in hair extensions should not be washed immediately. Wait for 48 hours before giving your new tape ins a rinse. In this way, the tape will stick even after washing.


  • Brush everyday


If you are using tape in hair extensions for daily use, it is imperative that you spend time brushing it with the right brush at least twice daily. Make gentle strokes of the brush to prevent tangles and breakages. When brushing tape in hair extensions, it is important to hold on to the roots to ensure that you don’t pull them from their roots. Lastly. do not use hair extension brushes when they are wet as this can cause severe damage.


  • Dry your tape in extensions immediately after brushing


Once you’ve finished washing your tape hair extensions, the next crucial step is to dry it immediately. The roots of your hair extension need to dry quickly so as to prevent damage. You may use a blow dryer for faster drying. In addition, it’s ideal to use products that will protect the hair extensions from heat. If you plan on wearing your hair whilst you sleep, make sure to brush the strands thoroughly and then put them in a loose, low ponytail to avoid matting and tangling problems.


With proper care of your hair extensions, your valuable hairpieces will look great longer. To know more about tape in hair extensions, view our other helpful articles. If you have other questions or suggestions, you may also contact us on (+61) 1300 489 337.