Are you shopping for some tape in hair extensions? Well, this article is for you. If you are new to buying hair extensions and decided to go for the semi-permanent type, tape-ins, one of the most asked questions is “How Much Tape-In Extensions Do I Need?”, or which set should I go for? Of course, other stuff like which length I should get or which colour matches my hair is also frequently asked in this department.

In this article, we will help you decide how much hair extensions you need for your hair depending on the style you wish to achieve, and based on how thick your natural hair is. As much as possible, we need to make it look natural. We wouldn’t want to overdo things and make people notice that you’ve got some hair fillers hiding somewhere, right?


HHEO Tape-In Hair Extensions come in 5 set options you can choose to suit your desired hairstyle. We offer 10 Piece Set (¼ Head), 20 Piece Set (½ Head), 40 Piece Set (Full Head), 60 Piece Set (Volume Set), and 80 Piece Set (Extra Volume Set).


Don’t you fret! Choosing the right set may sound challenging, but trust us, it’s easier than you think. Let’s do a quick deep dive on each set and make it easier for you to decide which set to go with later. 

10 Piece Set

This set is also called a ¼ headset. The set includes 10 pieces of individual tapes and gives you 5 sandwiches of tapes, or pairs. This set is best for patching purposes. Say, one part of your head is thinner than the rest, then you can surely do a quick spot filling with a 10 Piece Set. Also, best for just adding a little amount of hair as needed.

20 Piece Set

Like 10 Piece Set, ½ headset or 20 Piece Set is best for adding minimal hair volume. This can be used for spot hair filling too, but mostly hairdressers add this evenly through the Head to make sure the volume is well blended and that no one notices you’ve got some fillers on.

40 Piece Set

Also called Full Headset. This set is what most clients purchase as this set offers 20 pairs of tape-ins that is sufficient to cover a full head. If you want to add that visible volume to your overall look, we recommend getting this set. This set is best for thin to medium thick hair.

60 Piece Set

If you’d like to push for a little more volume than the standard 40 Piece set, then this one’s for you. This set gives you 30 tape sandwiches, making your hair look fuller than a 40 Piece Set. Added volume will be noticeable, but will still look natural on hair, uniquely if the hair colour blends well with your real hair. Recommended for naturally thick hair.

80 Piece Set

If you feel like going for that Diva Vavavoom look, you’ll never go wrong with 80 Piece Set! Of course, we’d recommend this to people who have naturally thick hair as it gives them more room to use the entire set. Because this set is a super volume set, you may want to make sure that your hairdresser assesses your hair first before installing it to plan out how to install the entire set carefully. There is a possibility that your hair will look overdone with so much volume and may not look natural considering the size of your head and face. 

In case there’s not much room to accommodate all tapes, that’s alright. You can set the excess tape-ins aside and use it on your next installation sessions.


Hair extensions Australia Brands may not all offer the same amount of tape-in set options. Others may offer more, and others may provide less. We recommend checking for brands that provide 100% Remy Human Hair as many brands also offer synthetically mixed extensions, or mixed with horsehair.

Lastly, before shopping for tape-ins, consider if you are willing to go the extra mile to make adjustments with your hair care products, setting appointments at the salon for installation and retaping. Yes, like any relationship, tape-ins require commitment. If you think that you are not that ready for semi-permanent hair extensions, we recommend trying clip in hair extensions first and see if hair extensions are best for your needs and style.

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