If you are planning to buy your very first clip in hair extensions online, one of the most important questions that you need an answer to is how much clip in hair extensions do I need? Or how much thickness should I consider getting?

In this article, we will help you choose the right thickness of clip extensions and the difference between the sets HHEO offers. All HHEO Clip In Hair Extensions are made of 100% high grade Remy human hair and comes in 2 set options. So that alone makes the decision making easy for you as there are not much thickness options for you to worry about.


With HHEO hair extensions Sydney brand, clip-in extensions come in 16”,20”,22” and 24”, so we’ve got every length option to match your desired length. Of course, as the length varies, the weight of each set also varies. The heavier the grams per set indicates that the set has more hair attached to its weft. PLUS, as we mentioned at the onset of this blog, clip in comes in two set options (thickness) 5 Piece Set and 10 Piece Set. So how do these two options differ? Let’s have a closer look.


As their names suggest, the sets differ based on the number of clipped wefts they include. Say for a 16” 5 Piece set 110grams, it includes the following: 1 of 5 clip piece (20cm wide), 1 of 3 clip piece (15cm wide), 1 of 2 piece clip (10cm wide), 2 of 1 piece clip (3.5cm wide). So 5 Piece set extensions come with 5 weft sizes with pre-fitted clips along the tracks.

We highly recommend getting a 5 Piece Set if your hair is naturally thin or fine to medium thickness.

How about a 10 Piece set? When it comes to the 10 Piece Set, you are to get more clipped weft in this set and this gives you a thicker or fuller look. Here’s what you can get with 16” 10 Piece Set 220 grams: 2 of 5 clip piece (20cm wide), 2 of 3 clip piece (15cm wide), 2 of 2 clip piece (10cm wide), and 4 of 1 clip piece (3.5cm wide). This set is highly recommended for those who want an evidently fuller-looking hair and those who have naturally thick hair.

What if a 10 Piece Set is too much for my hair, but a 5 Piece set is not enough either? What should I do?

We’ve been asked this question numerous times and what we recommend is getting a 10 Piece Set. As what the saying goes, it’s better to go more than less. IF you feel that 10 Piece Set is too much for your head to accommodate, simply set aside the unused wefts of extensions for future use. You do not need to wear all clip-ins. It is up to you how much thickness you’d like to add to your hair and conveniently position the wefts where you feel like putting them on.

Which length should I get?

When it comes to the length options, it all depends on your personal preference. It depends how long you want your hair to be and the hairstyle you plan to wear with your hair extensions. 

Still confused? Do not forget to check out Before and After Page or email us at info@hheo.com.au for any questions.